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do nonliving things have auras?

i thought i saw an aura around a nonliving object (a book) but i don’t know if nonliving things can have auras. DO NOT ANSWER IF YOU’RE GOING TO TELL ME IM A NUT CASE OR THAT IM ON DRUGS !!!


  1. You mean aumas? almost the same anyway, but yes they do. IT comes from within and if that items was loved it will develop an auma and it will increase as you love it more. The aura comes when it has been loved to a great level. Love, in more ways than one, not just liking or caring about, in more ways.

  2. My wife can see auras.
    She says she has never seen aura on a non-living thing but she can empathic-ally receive feelings from animals and inanimate objects such as houses (and, of course, she can sense from humans with ease).
    She also occasionally sees an aura around an animal, but very infrequently.
    Other aura-seeing people will surely have their own experiences with the situation you describe in your question.

  3. Actually I read somewhere that all things have auras, and that’s the basis for using natural gems/rocks for healing, as they emit very strong vibrations. Took an aura pic some time ago, and the garnet I was wearing really changed my entire aura. Very interesting, you should try that some day…
    And you’re definitely not a nut case :o) Just because some things can’t be seen doesn’t mean it’s not there.

  4. “Auras” are an imaginary concept. Neither living nor non-living things have “auras”. Except when there is a “trick of the light”, such as the diffusion caused by street-lights in a misty rain.

    • If you’ll be skeptic and play the “scientific explanation card ” use one with some logic like “that’s an eye problem etc” not a so specific scenario that wouldn’t explain why people see auras on any weather

  5. I believe that everything can have an aura. Some have bad auras (like houses) some good like the safe feeling that you get when you’re in church. Everything gives off a certain vibe.

  6. yes they do. it depends on color. orange-blue aura , white-purple etc.At least for me. Only living things have colours according to emotions.With a little work you will be able to tell if a person is liying.

  7. Energy is a constant in all living and non-living things. Atoms are a part of all creation. I too am noticing “auras” around nonliving things and living. After prayer of guidance those auras became more intense and more frequent. I truely believe all humans can see these energy auras. After all the universe is made up of colorful energy fields indicating different flows of natural phenomenons many humans are blind to these days. The fact that we have been subjected to so much negativity it’s not surprising people do not see the natural energy surrounding all things. Human in complexity have been said to be one of the earth most treasured energy sources. Thus creating more manifestations then the other creatures inhabiting the earth.

  8. An aura is, technically, an energy field. Anything that exists has energy (remember electrons and protons?). Therefore, anything that exists has an aura. How strong the aura is may well have something to do with whether or not a thing is, or once was, a living thing or not.

  9. I saw a violet flame aura all around the closet door. There were violet colored rectangle and circle shapes on the door in a circular pattern also. I’m a very healtb6 person in every way. I have bad many experiences with things of this nature. I’m trying to discover the meaning behind the pattern.


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