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Do night terrors have anything to do with psychic ability or using your third eye?

My ex last year told me that he watched a tv show on people with night terrors. He said the guy was saying something about people with night terrors have the ability to use their third eye. Some people did some kind of drug to use there third eye but I dont really remember much of what he said he told me about it when I was half asleep after a night terror. Does anyone know anything about this?


  1. Dreams can be related to what you think about right before going to sleep, so if you are thinking about some weird stuff then you will probably have a weird, and possibly scary dream.
    As for the 3rd eye, when you dream your brain is releasing a drug called “DMT” (Dymethaltryptamine) from your Pineal Gland (your Third Eye) and that is the cause of all dreams and near death experiences.
    Watch this video about DMT: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grcqs9cDuN8
    Also, read a book called “DMT: The Spirit Molecule” by Dr. Rick Strassman

  2. In a word, yes! Most of us don’t do a very good job of protecting ourselves with positive energy, and when we go to sleep, especially if we’re tired, there’s a good chance we will see some of the less pleasant entities that are floating about in the ether. More sensitive people see these easier. (Tell him to turn over and sleep on his stomach when it happens; it helps.) Usually, as we get older, we learn to tune it out. The price for this, of course, is less psychic awareness. What you want to do is charge yourself up with enough positive energy to see the pleasant beings instead of the nasty ones. Oh, and don’t use drugs to see these things; it affects and also limits what you are able to see. So yes, drugs will make you see things, and they probably won’t be pleasant things.
    By the way, and this is for the “skeptics”: There was a recent study from one of the big schools that discovered virtually all of us see these frightening images all the time, but they are too brief to register in our conscious minds. How did they discover this? Well, they compared a brain scan of our reaction to frightening faces shown on a computer monitor with scans of reactions we have all the time: brief flashes that last less than one two-hundredth of a second. It’s ALWAYS a good idea to protect yourself with positive energy, because the universe is FULL of entities, and the negative ones are the most likely to go out of their way to interfere with us and try to scare us. Those jerks!

  3. they also told me biblically wise night terrors are some kind of prophet gift, and a curse. i get night terrors almost every week and i always see this shadowy dark tall man, or if not a scary girl, i always sense a BAD vibe, i dont sense it like there good people, i sense like there trying to do some kind of harm too me, and i want to know if night terrors are some kind of physic ability?


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