Home Discussion Forum Do negative, hateful, decietful people attract negative energy onto themselves?

Do negative, hateful, decietful people attract negative energy onto themselves?


  1. yes but sometimes if there is still hope for them to change they attract positive people who try to help them become better.

  2. Yes, absolutely. What we put out, we attract back.
    Not only do they attract negative energy but it spews out of them as well and sticks to some people.

  3. satan is the god of darkness, fear, hate, ect.
    GOD is the god of light, truth and love.
    matt.12:34, 36 said.
    what is STORED UP in an evil man heart
    the MOUTH speaks.
    and what is stored up in a good man heart
    the MOUTH speaks
    GOD is not mocked
    since GOD said let make man in our image and have our likeness.
    man shall reaps what he sown.
    proverb 18:21
    the power of LIFE
    and DEATH
    is in the TONGUE
    they shall eat the harvest/friut of their labor.

  4. By definition, energy is a measurable force. We can measure electrical energy, solar energy, etc, but I have never heard of “negative” energy and I do not believe hateful people have any kind of measurable magnetic field different from friendly people.
    By using concepts such as “attract negative energy” in such a lame way, you are guilty of the same kind of illogical reasoning as blessedr.

  5. Yes, most certainly. There is a vibe about these people that they have low expectations for themselves and negativity slides in where there is opportunity.

  6. Yes. The negative energy they put out attracts more negative energy. What you put out, you get back. What some of these people don’t know is that their negative energy affects their mental and physical health and that of their family, friends, co-workers, and even their pets.


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