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Do Need To Feel Worthless or Helpless In Order To NEED God?

I am asking because that is not how it happened for me. It was quite the opposite. I was on top of my life and optimistic when I had my spiritual awakening. My faith promotes self-actualization and self-mastery, personal power and personal responsibility for your actions.
In no way does this diminish my awe and love and gratitude for my Creator (what Almighty Diety would actually be threatened by growing human improvement and confidence). In fact it strengthens it.
However I see a LOT inside here have a very different approach, not always but usually Christians. You have to first admit you are worthless, nothing, helpless etc. and in need of saving. Then after you become Christian, it seems (depending on the sect) any kind of spark of personal empowerment is stamped out with cooling scripture warning about being too “prideful”etc.
What do you think? Is self-empowerment a threat to God? Or does your confidence and command of yourself actually TRIBUTE God?


  1. Not at all. I was not lead my beliefs because I felt worthless (which I have never felt) or Helpless. Self-empowerment isn’t a threat to what I believe in… actually it’s the exact opposite. If it wasn’t for my confidence I probably would have fallen for anything that came along.
    As for their pride being stamped out… I do not see that at all. Many times I’ve seen “I’m PROUD to be a…..” It’s only when someone else has pride are the verses and warnings brought about “pride cometh before the fall” as if anyone else with pride will soon fall because of it. Which isn’t always the case. It’s only when you allow pride to overpower your better senses…. when your ego becomes so large that you are blind to anything else that you fall.

  2. No. People often try to protect themselves from their fears by putting their faith in something they do or have like good deeds, skill or intelligence, money or possessions. But God can save us from the one thing that we really need to fear–eternal condemnation. We believe in God by “recognizing” the “insufficiency” of our own efforts (i.e., self-empowerment to use your word) to find salvation, and by asking him to do his work in us. If we were nothing or worthless, why would God loves us so much?
    Again, we are living a temporary existence here on planet earth. There is so much more in store for those who believe. God is talking about an eternal future that is too come.

  3. “The best missionary is a good example.” The happier and more confident you are, the better “advertisement” you are for God. But I think you’re missing the point for Christians. It’s not worthlessness but unworthiness that we admit to when we ask Christ to come into our lives. We believe that God the Father is too holy to look on sin, so we need the attonement Christ provides.
    Feeling good is not a barrier to Jesus. Feeling that you can get to God without Him is.
    I’m glad you didn’t have to go through what some people have. God bless you.

  4. You’re fortunate. Alot of people turn to God when everything seems bleak. That seems to be the way God gets people’s attention. Many people who have all they need and no problems don’t feel any reason to need God. That’s why, whenever someone is broken and despairing, that person actually is a fortunate person if they turn to Jesus Christ. Many who have all they “need” will never do that.


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