Home Discussion Forum do near death experience disprove reincarnation or prove it?

do near death experience disprove reincarnation or prove it?

some people saw their past life during near death experience.however,there are some case disprove reincarnation.on”youtube.com”i saw a former buddhist monk and a former Mormon lady claim that they visist the hell in the bible during near death experience,and many non christian was there.after that,they became evangelical christian.how can near death experience prove both reincarnation and the hell in the bible?


  1. I forgot where, but awhile back I read about a guy who was rushed to the hospital and presumed dead. Suddenly, as he was taken to the morgue, he screamed. He said he had visited hell, and that God gave him another chance. This guy was a hard-partying, drug-addicted type.

  2. NDEs may only be hallucinations or they could be real. This has not been proven. I don’t know where the soul goes after death. I’ve never heard of anyone who believes in reincarnation to remember the state in between lives. Maybe it is kind of a nothing existence, at least that’s how my friend described his NDE.

  3. The other side can be confusing or even totally incomprehensible for us living in the corporeal world, those who have been to the border could easily misinterpret their experience and rationalize it afterwards, therefore nothing can really be proven one way or the another.

  4. It proves neither. Near death experiences are just the brain trying to rationalize what is coming next. some people get them, some don’t,

  5. No, but things that people black out when they got abused disproves it, because you have to go back thru what you blacked out first and the reason for blacking it out is to forget because it was too traumatic.
    Usually Mormonsclaim they remember things before they came to earth about lviing with God called the pre-existance, so I am surpised about this hell, mormons do nto believe in hell.
    I astral projected to outer space with some angel once to a planet just outside of the milky way, does this prove the existance of God???


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