Home Discussion Forum Do most tarot card readers specialize in contacting the dead too?

Do most tarot card readers specialize in contacting the dead too?

Skeptics need not answer!
I saw a sign for tarot card readings in a store and am wondering if most tarot card readers specialize in mediumship too?? Has anyone visited a medium before and does it help the process if I were to bring in an item of jewelery (a ring) of the deceased person I want to make contact with?

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  1. Not most,but quite a few do both. It depends on where you live.
    Once you find a person that seems trustworthy,you need to ask if the item would be helpful or not. They don’t always do the same type of ritual.

  2. you will have to ask. everyone has their psychic strengths and weaknesses. i wouldn’t assume by the tarot sign that he/she is a medium. personally, i’ve had success with cards but not too much on the mediumship.

  3. Almost all mediums are psychics but only a small number of psychics are mediums. Becoming a medium takes years of study and practice and it is not for everyone. That is not to say that a psychic might not occasionally make contact with someone who has passed over.
    Bringing an item can be helpful to a medium but is not necessary for contact to be made. The medium does not know for sure what spirits will come to communicate when the session begins. There are also different types of mediums. If you want to speak with a specific person, be sure to ask the medium before you make an appointment, if they have success in that type of mediumship.
    There are some mediums that only channel spirits unknown to the client who give both general and personal advice.

  4. Actually, no: MOST tarot readers are not also mediums. In fact, I’d say the majority of people who read tarot aren’t even psychic; they just read cards.
    Many mediums might also be tarot readers though.
    I have spoken with a friend who is also a medium, but this was via long-distance. He couldn’t control what spirits contacted him, whoever came came. You should ask the particular medium you want to work with if they feel something might aid your intent, as likely they all work a little differently.

  5. No, Tarot readers are not mediums, and if they claim to be they are frauds…I’ve read cards for years and I would love to contact my deceased loved ones…


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