Do morals come from God (or a higher being/consciousness) or are they an inherent human trait ?

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Evidence? Arguments? General thoughts?
Johnny: Of course those occurrences that you list are no longer seen as justifiable, so in a sense one could argue that human morality corrected itself over time. I am willing to venture a guess that there were those who objected at the time. i don’t think that it is as clear cut as my question initially made it seem.

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Rev. Iason Ouabache

Some morals are inherent. Most are learned from our parents and peers.


Morals stem from the character of God. They inhere in humanity because we bear the image of the Creator.


They are taught by the society we live in which is why religions generally reflect the values of the society they come from.

Joseph G

they more or less evolved as cultures and societies evolved, but they can be drawn up from practice and good sense: what works for people, what doesn’t?


If morals are only a human trait then anything that Man does that is condoned by the general population is good morally. Inquisition, Crusades, etc would have to be considered good.


Sir Frances Crick a man whose work is greatly oppressed said that Aliens coded our DNA and came to earth in a space craft and seeded it. He referred to them as a ‘ Advanced People’.


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