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Do morals come from God (or a higher being/consciousness) or are they an inherent human trait ?

Evidence? Arguments? General thoughts?
Johnny: Of course those occurrences that you list are no longer seen as justifiable, so in a sense one could argue that human morality corrected itself over time. I am willing to venture a guess that there were those who objected at the time. i don’t think that it is as clear cut as my question initially made it seem.


  • Sir Frances Crick a man whose work is greatly oppressed said that Aliens coded our DNA and came to earth in a space craft and seeded it. He referred to them as a ‘ Advanced People’.

  • If morals are only a human trait then anything that Man does that is condoned by the general population is good morally. Inquisition, Crusades, etc would have to be considered good.

  • they more or less evolved as cultures and societies evolved, but they can be drawn up from practice and good sense: what works for people, what doesn’t?

  • They are taught by the society we live in which is why religions generally reflect the values of the society they come from.

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