Home Discussion Forum Do mantra, tantra and yantra do really exist?

Do mantra, tantra and yantra do really exist?

People I have seen often depend on either mantra, tantra or yantra in India. Do they reallyl work?


  1. According to the books and some philosophers, it’s true but it has no scientific basis, I used to search on google about a fact but there is no evidence

  2. yes,i have read many a books and visited one tantrik thru some known. you are right there is no scientific proof.
    but a personal reseach thru books show that mantra’s have role to
    play in our life. i have tried and chanted mantra’s,
    ihave seen some good results, though there are no hard evidence
    about the efectiveness of mantra’s but any they prove a good results if tried with a belief.


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