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do magick spells really work?

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  1. I really know.
    Yes they work. But only if the person the spell is for actually knows that the spell is being cast, and only if he/she really believes in the power of spells. If that’s the case, then the power of suggestion is going to fool this person into thinking that the spell is working.
    The power of suggestion is the only way that spells “work”.

  2. Sometimes I think someone did one to me. I didn’t know anything about them..or suspect anything. I had people praying for me. I think their prayers either weren’t very effective…or they were praying bad things on me.

  3. Magic spells work only if they either include the use of an active ingredient or the desired result is psychological/subjective and the target is aware of the spell.

  4. well, as usual, pd has put it rather well.
    they’re all pretty subjective, the spells that is. there’s no such thing as casting a spell to make a house build itself, for example. but there is such a thing as casting a spell to find a reliable crew to build your house.
    but if you have ever read the book “the secret” or seen the movie, it works just like that. essentially, your thoughts become things.
    spellcasting takes this one step further and exerts your will into manipulating the natural energies found on the astral plane to achieve a goal. think of it as a spider’s web, and you are bending and twisting the “threads” of energy to bring either a concrete or abstract “thing” to you… exactly like making a wish… it’s not going to instantly appear in front of you, but eventually, it will get there.
    it’s very similar to prayer…. someone prays to god (exerts their will) to effect some kind of change in their life (manipulating natural energies) expecting a result. spellcraft is the exact same thing, except it doesn’t have to involve a deity.
    most spells involve a symbolic action, whose only purpose is to focus your will to your goal and thus get it done quicker. i.e. poppets (known to some as voodoo dolls), burning a candle, burning a piece of paper with your petition written on it, drawing a picture, etc…
    pd may be right that i’m imagining all the effects i see of my spellcraft, but every single spell i’ve performed has worked from my perspective, and eerily well at that. if you have any more questions, you can message me from my profile.
    p.s. blablabla i’m obligated to tell you that any harmful spell’s effects come back to haunt you three-fold, aka the three-fold rule and the wiccan rede “an ye harm none, do what thou wilt.” that includes respecting free-will yadayadayada…


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