Do Lycanthropes exist? How about Incubi?

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If you believe so prove their existence. If not prove they don’t.

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They do in fact. And to prove it, magic. 😉


yes, yes we do, we do exist, if you want proof email me, I’ll proof it, ask anything


Ha, proof? Prooffffff? I dont know about Incubi, but Lycanthropy, Lycans, Lycanthropes, werewolves. Whatever you want to call it/them, I believe in that simply because I am one. Yep, Im crazy, laugh it up. There are others out there. My proof is every full moon. I can’t prove the existence without exploiting myself or others. Im not going to do that.
But how bout this?
Disprove it. Science? Noooo, science tries to disprove religion all the time, and it pretty much has. No guy can rise from the dead. Yet still, most of the world believes in some kind of religion. Why cant it be true?
And science. We find almost 150 new species of animals in just the amazon alone a year. And do you know about giant squids? We just got the first actual video of a live one last year, and they’ve been around for a very very very long time, millions of years. We thought THEY were mythical creatures only a couple hundred years ago… But now, we understand. And Lycanthropy is just a disease. What if we just dont understand that disease yet. If you tried to explain to people 80 years ago about AIDS, the T-cells and such, would they understand? They would think you were nuts. But they just didnt understand that branch of science yet! So maybe we just dont understand that branch of science yet…
Lycans in the closet, go here:
Not trying to be rude, I promise. I think I make a decent point.

alex g

The amount of protein and physical reconstruction required during a supposed “Transformation” is enough to cause your heart to stop and for you to over heat and die you would need a morbid amount of protein in your system in order to at least meet the perquisites to transform. Secondly why in the world would a moonlight cause bodily transformation on that scale i would understand skin burning on someone who has a skin disease but transformation is impossible. Incubi………… no its called wet dreams and demon fetishes that people say they were raped by one -.- *cough* anna nicole *cough*


in the dark ages men who raped and got caught got off the hook by saying an incubus did it


yes werewolves/lycaons are real and i know because i live in the world of magic and accually know a couple i cant give you “proof” because that would turn out to be kinda bad but yes they are real. there are also two diffrent kinds of werewolves….one that has to shift under a full moon and ones that can shift at will the ones that shift at will are the oldest and the moon no longer holds a sway over them.


Hello. My name is Kiba. Location, Onatario. And I can bloody well tell you that Stayner is a living home of freaks, mutants, and more popularly, Lycanthropes. We here, live next to them, at work, our children at school, but they do not harm us. They were made to fight an opposing Demonic race, by a group of demons. Though, they do not know if that is their real history. That is what I beleive, though. I, and the rest of Stayner have seen them. You want to see them for yourself? Book a flight. But there are many more things worse then Lycanthropes.


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