Do Japanese people become mute after trauma?

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In Japanese books, movies, an entertainment, it’s quite common for the characters to stop talking, or become mute after an emotional trauma. I was wondering if this actually happens. Like if culturally, Japanese people have the mindset that that is what happens after a trauma, and their brains follow suit an that is how they express the trauma that happened to them. Like how Americans who experience sleep paralysis believe they are being abducted by aliens, while Japanese people believe they are being held down by a girl with long black hair. Or how people who believe they will die in surgeries, often do, even if it was only a minor surgery. Or how native american tribes often would have a vision from their spirit guide because they had been encultured to believe it would happen, while they fasted an cut themselves in the wilderness.
Also do you know any other interesting examples? I know South Korean people believe sleeping with a fan on will suffocate you, an Japanese people believe that getting wet in the rain will give you a cold. But I don’t know if their minds make it true.
I was wondering if it was a myth, or was on of those “mind phenomenons” :-}
Wow JOe D, are you fer real? Do you have any links so I can learn more :-}
gaijin: Yeah the depression an suicide is really terrible :-{ I hope something is done about that. I wonder if becoming mute has to do with the unique kinds of pressure on individuals in Japanese culture.

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i believe that is a myth xD
thoughh…that does happen in alot of movies huh?


no it is not true at all they are human


Japanese people have a special gland in their brain that is only present in their brains and a small group of people in Russia. This gland responds to emotion and controls facial expressions as well as the tongue. You may notice differences in Japanese facial expressions as apposed to others. The tongue is inhibited and does not respond to mental talk as fast and often does not deliver the message while the mind is in this state of shock. These individuals have thought about saying many things but there tongue is inhibited and the message is not delivered. The mind accepts the message as useless and unnecessary. Only the really important and persistent thoughts are expressed.


Not sure about the mute problem which does seem to be on the rise.Japanese people seem to be more depressed and suicidal in the last few years.Seems to be the largest reason their population is on the decline.Estimates say their population will be down to 47 million from 137 million within 50 years.One out growth of this is the development of companion robots due out within 10 years.While that would be cool,hardly worth losing a admirable culture.


Yes, this is true for the most part, reason, japan values collective thought over individualism. (what’s better for the community vs whats better for me)
Which is why japan has a low crime rate (hurts community) and a high suicide rate (mainly hurts individual).
Its based on social norms and train of thought.


yes, its true i think it was called selective mutism,


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