Home Discussion Forum Do Indians do as much Yoga as Chinese do Tai Chi?

Do Indians do as much Yoga as Chinese do Tai Chi?

Now don’t start saying I am a racist just because I am talking about Indians and Chinese… you never know what you gonna get accused of in the answers… LOL
In my neighbourhood, I see mid- to old- aged Chinese people in the park early in the morning doing their Tai Chi…. I have never seen Indians doing Yoga in the fresh morning air…. Just wondering…. It’s probably not much of a philosophical question but again….


  1. Actually, no.
    Sure, most people in India know yoga, and do it a lot.
    But yoga is not done as often, nationally, or religiously as Tai-Chi is done in China.

  2. Where do you live?!?
    It is not uncommon to see Yoga classes running in the parks early in the morning, in Delhi at least! Why, my own sister attends one 🙂
    Privately, these go on any time during the day…and are very popular with health conscious people!
    Many people, after learning from experts, make it a way of life and practice on their own in their homes.
    Lastly, Yoga IS a philosophy, a disciplined way of Life…that doesn’t end in Asanas (physical exercises) but covers all aspects of Conduct…

  3. NO!
    There are millions of Indians. And they work hard. That is their yoga. “yoga” in fact is synonymous to “dharma” sometimes, i.e. ‘duty’. They work everyday all day long.
    Some practice yoga and they learned it from the West! They have it on TV too, and that comes from the West!
    The West opened yoga to the whole world. Before that (especially before the Beatles), in India, Yoga as we know it, was reserved to gurus and sages!
    So, we could say that yoga is new in India for the people like you and me. And only a few practice it, compared to the number of the population.
    I hope I was on target.


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