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Do I see auras or do i have bad eyes?

Sometimes when i focus my eyes on people i see colors. It starts out clear, then the longer i focus it begins to take a color. I see colors yellow through red when i focus on religious people like preachers(yellow) and evangelists(red). What do you think?


  1. Idk but aren’t our body parts fantastic?? How could anyone think they all “just happened” or that the Big Bang caused it !!
    Sometimes when I “gaze” I see colors.I have no idea if it’s auras though. I thought holy people had white auras ..like halos.

  2. This is called retinal fatigue. It’s not paranormal, and it’s not an aura. It’s just your eyes getting tired of staring at the same thing for too long. Auras don’t exist. Science does not claim everything happened at random. Everything follows very well-defined physical laws (and chemical, and biological).

  3. Staring at anything for too long causes retinal fatigue and that is one of the reasons you see the visual hallucinations known as auras.
    I think I’d like to test you by secretly dressing up Pedophile Pete as the Archbishop of wherever you live and seeing what colors you thought he had.

  4. Neither!
    Haha! Good point. It reminds me of a documentary i saw many years ago, about James Randi. Think it was the first time i saw Randi and his IMPORTANT work. In the documentary he travelled to Russia to meet two sisters who claimed they could recieve important information about a person just from looking at a photo. Randi handed them a photograph and they started to talk about the person. While the sisters made rambling claims about the person on the photo, Randi just sat there looking down on a paper, making notes of what they said, focused on not to give any feedback to them, to make sure all information about the photo would come from the sisters, not him….
    Anyway, after a while the sisters decided they were finished. The information they had given were the usual psychic ramble, i.e trivial stuff that applies to 90% of the people. (and it’s so vagu that when it’s off the remaining 10% it can easily be altered to include them also!) 😉
    The person on the photo was Ted Bundy, the imfamous serial killer. (who murdered more than 30 people. Raped some of his victims and engaged in necrophilia! Nice guy huh?) Of course there were not a bit of information about that coming from the sisters.
    I remember the photo he brought—>http://mindofscott.com/Images33v568889/Ted_Bundy_4.jpg
    If you find someone claiming to have such psychic abilities, this ough to be a fun test!
    Awww, you’re too cute when you put it like that “The Bing Bang caused our body parts.” 😛

  5. In my opinion you are clairvoyant. I, too, have witnessed the hue of yellow surrounding a minister. Yellow or golden shade shown like that is the color of “Spirituality” or “close to God with ones heart”. Red shown to you in the circumstance you describe also would mean that the evangelist was “enthusiastic or robust with emphasis on their meaning within their dissertation”. If he/she was really trying to emphasize their point they were making, wanting the congregation to fully understand the meaning they were trying to convey, that would cause the shade of red within the Auric Field.
    You might try doing what is called self-viewing sometime. Go into a room with a full-size mirror or at least your head and torso visible, dim the lights to be just showing enough to view you, but not bright so as to thwart you from viewing your Aura. Stare in an unfocused way at yourself and then see if you after say 5-10 minutes you can view your own Auric Field. Good luck!

  6. In the human aura, bright yellow relates to energy of Mind, Spirit;
    bright red relates to energy in Matter.
    There is a learning curve re seeing auras. (“Retinal fatigue” notwithstanding 😉
    “Studies of the Human Aura,” Kuthumi, gives a good “look” into the subject, with a positive point of “view.”
    Review at http://www.amazon.com


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