Do I see auras. If not what am I seeing?

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All my life I have always seen colors around people, different objects, just things like that in general.
I always thought it was everyone and everything but I dont even know. Can someone help me?

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I wish i had a cool power. 🙁

Sirensong sunshine

Might be time for a sight test
Or you might have mild synesthesia
“In the October 2004 issue of Cognitive Neuropsychology (vol. 21 no. 7), Dr. Jamie Ward of University College London’s Psychology Department “documented a woman known as GW who could see colors like purple and blue in response to people she knew or their names when read to her,” a condition known as emotion-color synesthesia.”


The Aurora Borealis. Yes, located entirely within your retinas.

Tim A

Yes your seeing your imagination and great loneliness in short get a life!


Perhaps you do, or perhaps you suffer from synaesthesia.

Don H

Sounds like you are not completely in sync with the illusion.
Love and blessings Don


Some people claim to have this ability, and I see no reason not to believe them. Here is some info for you.

D700 Doug

Get checked out by a good neurologist ASAP


It’s perfectly possible that you see Auras – you could just be a natural at seeing them. I can see them sometimes but I have to look pretty hard. Obviously they should be around living things, so if you’re seeing them around definitely dead things then it might be a mild form of synesthesia or some sort of eyesight issue.


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