At the end of every yoga class my instructor brings his hand at the heart in prayer position and says “Namaste” The first class I said it back but I was the only one. Everyone else bowed their heads, but kept silent. The next class I didn’t say anything and neither did anyone else. Are we supposed to say it back? I thought you were.


  • you can if you would like to but the word is harmless. As a yoga teacher I do not feel bad if my students don’t say namaste back when I say. However by bowing and having your hands in prayer positions it means the same thing to us yoga teachers.

  • Yes, go ahead and say it back. Often we are intimidated when we do something “the crowd” doesn’t do, and doubt ourselves on our correctness. In this case, perhaps everyone else in the class is also unsure. You can be sure in yourself and say “Namaste`” back to your instructor, knowing you are saying “I honor you”.

  • Yes, namaste means “I bow to you,” although many people (including my yoga teacher) give a more poetic translation along the lines of “The Devine in me recognizes the Devine in you”.

  • yes, you can say it back. in my class some people said it back. more people will say it as they get more comfortable with the class. Namaste =)

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