Home Discussion Forum do i really see auras?

do i really see auras?

ok i think i can see auras, sometimes i see blue and red glows and others too, but very very thin arround peoples bodys i wants to know if those very thin glows are aurasd or am i just seeing stuff, its very hard to see them sometimes and sometimes i can see them easily, if its auras, how can i make it stronger?


  1. Why not? Usually they are bigger – about three to six inches. You can only see them if the (other)person is under emotional stress, or not aware of his surroundings. (deep in thought.)

  2. No, you can’t see auras – they don’t exist. Many people have claimed they could see them but couldn’t actually do it when tested. If you’re seeing things that don’t exist, you’re either staring at things for too long and suffering from retinal fatigue or you need to talk to a doctor.


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