Home Discussion Forum Do I Really Hav the Phychics Scrying Ability?

Do I Really Hav the Phychics Scrying Ability?

Well this is wat Happened and I dont want a smart alec answer!!!
Im 13 and I just got a book on divination and I looked into the pond outside of my house and did exactly wat it said for water scrying and saw an owl. But dont worry about the owl. Also wen I first did it everything wnet foggy and then I saw it and I was so amazed I did it again and no the fog was not because I was standing in front of a window and my breath made fog because the second time i did it I held my breath. My friend didnt beleive me and I made him try it and he was able to do it too.
The book actaully says that it doesnt require any Phychic skills but some people say I hav a rare talent. NOW I want good answers no “stupid little phyco” answers


  1. hey what i believe is that everyone can tape into their own physic “power” every now and then and some people are just able to access more offten than other people and are just better at it so keep on practiceing if you do have a gift you want to learn who to use it and control it. i my self am a follower of the wiccan spiritual path and i have had visions before they wen’t that strong but i have had them i feel that my own personal physic abillity is that of being an empathic physic.( i can feel other peoples emotions by looking at them) if you truley do have a gift good for you.
    ~Best of luck

  2. There are more things in heaven and earth…
    However here is a basic explaination. In an experiment on sensory deprivation, people were blind folded, wore ear plugs and put in a flotation tank. In this tank they experienced all sorts of hallucinations.
    Then, someone pointed out, they were warned that this would happen. So they did an experiment. The put 2 groups of people in an ordinary white room. One group was told that they would experience hallucinations, the other was not. The group that was told they would, did. The other group, did not.
    Try experiment with your friends. Give them organge juice, but tell them it is OJ and vodka. Watch them get drunk then laugh at them later.
    You read a book that said something would happen, then it happenned. Either it is true, or it is result of expecting it to happen.
    If it is real, you should attempt to explore it further, see what happens. But the ability to scry has to actually be useful. Eg, see the future, see the test paper before an exam, etc etc.

  3. NO !!! First you must have the Ability to hit the Spell check Button on the Question Portion of this Missive.
    Until then Grasshopper no.

  4. many use scrying to find things, you can scry through fire, water, the earth, metal,mirrors,crystal.use a brown candle to ground yourself inbetween. email me if you want more info.


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