Do I need to warm up before doing yoga ?

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Do I need to do a warm up before starting doing yoga ? And if so what kind of warm up is the best ? Im quite new to this, never done yoga before but im really interested so if you have any tips or something please tell me. Thanks :)))

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I do not participate in Yoga but i would suggest that you warm up just like u would with any exercise/workout. You could pull something or get hurt if you go right into something full out like that. So you should try to work your way up.


In Yoga, it is very important to do some Warm-up Poses before a session so you will be physically ready for the Yoga Poses that you want to practice. Moreover, Warm-up exercises will prepare your body for more difficult poses in the future.

Elise Alexander

Yoga it’s self is kinda like stretching. You wouldnt need to warm up. That is completly unneccessary! Ive been doing yoga for a while now.. i would know

Dances with Buddha

The best warm up for any activity is a gentle and easy version of what ever you intend do later.
A sprinter might start out with brisk walking, then an easy jog, and finally a moderate running pace.
A perfect warm-up for yoga asana is to do several sets of a very simple Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar) series.
Start off by going slowly, and after several sets, gently and gradually increase the pace a bit.
After several minutes, the circulation to your muscles will have increased, literally making them warmer and more pliable, allowing you to stretch a bit farther/deeper.
If you don’t like Sun Salutations, it’s acceptable to do just about anything you enjoy, as long as you remember the point is to start gently, and gradually increase.
You could do an easy jog followed by some easy jumping jacks, if you really wish.
If not familar with Sun Salutations, following is just one site out the many available on the web, and also
Just search by “sun salutations” or “surya namaskar.”


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