There’s a witch in our village and we are all catholic, her door is full of Satanic symbols and she never talks with people. Recently a man died in the village and we know its the witch she killed him. I allready talked with the Priest and he said we should burn this witch but he doesn’t want to be involved…


  • ya know, I’m pretty sure that burning some one is illegal. even if they are a witch.

    Yes, please check with your bishop. This is a very bad situation… but I really don’t think burning her is a good idea.

    I’ll be honest, I’m skeptical that the person is a witch. that whole thing kind of died out, you know? and I believe that Satan works with more subtle-ness.

    what satanic symbols? and she never talks to anybody? is it possible she’s just not social? or not catholic, and afraid she’ll be shunned for differing beliefs?

    I’m not saying its impossible, but just HIGHLY unlikely.

    you’re priest is saying he doens’t want to be involved because he knows that its AGAINST THE LAW! and he doesn’t want to be caught up in the legal consequences if you do burn her.

    If you were supposed to burn her, wouldn’t you think you’d have your priest’s full support?

    please think this through.

    and How do you know that she killed him? “just knowing” isn’t good enough. that’s how satan really deceives people…

    and where in the world do you live that this would be socially acceptable?

    Its a REALLY DUMB IDEA. please don’t.

  • Hmmm, Let me guess you live in Maine in 1773 and have somehow tapped into the future landing on Yahoo Answers so you decide to ask this question here. Is that right?

    Dude seriously, let the law take care of it. When you get into the whole community “witch hunt” thing, many mistakes are made and innocent people die. Ask yourself, How do you know it was the witch? How do you know she’s a witch at all?

    How do you know the man wasn’t killed by one of your super-religious freak friends hoping that they would get off because they can conveniently blame the outcast? Be reasonable.

  • Are you somehow writing this from the 16th Century? Somebody in the village died and you ‘know’ who’s responsible. How are you going to feel when somebody swears they ‘know’ you are a satanist because of a rock band poster on your bedroom wall, and everybody decides to burn you too?
    I can understand why this woman might not choose to talk with her neighbours if they are all as superstitious and dangerously stupid as you.

  • Sorry, but the Catholic Church never sanctioned the execution of “witches.” Actually, Maleus Malifacarum, the guide book for discovering and punishing witches was denounced by the Papacy. Burning witches was far more of a angry mob and Protestant thing to do.

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