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Do I need deliverance?

Ever since November of 2006 I have been undergoing some serious spiritual changes. After leading a life of sin for quite some time I got down on my hands and knees and repented of my wrongdoings. Instantly, I felt the Holy Spirit enter my body. For awhile I was on a “spiritual high” but it gradually faded away and now I find myself in the middle of an existential crisis that comes and goes every other day. Some days I find myself believing in God 100% and other days I can’t seem to believe in His existence at all. As a result, I am becoming extremely stressed out to the point that my blood pressure and pulse are becoming very high. I feel like I am going to have a nervous breakdown and go completely insane. Can somebody please tell me what’s happening and if this will ever go away…I’m about ready to give up and give into my doubts. I feel like I am under a curse or something. Somebody please help!


  1. You need to follow your doubts.
    Start meditating on it – try to find out who you really are.
    All spiritual progress is an inner journey.
    Read some books by Thich Nhat Hanh ( Peace is every step is very good) he will in his books provide you with tools to progress.
    Know that doubt is good – it makes you think instead of just accepting other peoples ideas.

  2. I can say that when I first repented and became a Christian- I was on a spiritual high as well- then that does go away. And Satan will try to convince you that your decision was wrong. Satan could be causing your doubts and stress- and you could need Jesus to deliver you through His blood- but I will also tell you that depression, and stress can be medically related as well- and have nothing to do with spiritual warfare. I have Fibromyalgia- that is a chronic pain illness- that can cause depression and stress- God is still God- and I just spend time looking to Him. Know that as a believer we are continually in a state of warfare with Satan- Satan knows that no one can snatch you out of God’s hand, but he will do anything to make us think so- Just make sure that your blood pressure is not caused by anything physical- If you want to talk more, please feel free to email me if you can.

  3. Ben, we have spiritual battles in our walk, at times they are worse than others and others are not that bad. We have an Armor of God I was taught to put on daily, which is in Eph.6..and it may help you as well. do you have a church your going too? maybe you can talk with your preacher..I know when I get down and pray like that I too can feel the Holy Spirit and it will last for days when all the sudden all hell breaks loose and the high and the joy seems to have left me, but you need to know that God and God’s Spirit hasn’t left you, your just being attack by the enemy and you have to stand up to him, you are stronger than he is because you have God in you..start reading about the the power you have through Jesus, and start taking a stand against satan, he will do a number on you if you don’t, you have to be a step ahead of him at all times and never let him catch up to you..stand strong and don’t give up, keeping going forward. You were in sin before do you really want to go back, its not rough it believe me..as for your blood pressure is a medical problem and you should get it checked out.your in my prayers…


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