Home Discussion Forum Do I look >>>>>> Jewish (stereotypically speaking)? ?

Do I look >>>>>> Jewish (stereotypically speaking)? ?

Not meant to offend anyone. though i dont know how it could though lol…. im jewish and was just curious as to what people thought. of coarse im talking STEREOTYPES (in capitals so youse can see) here… i realise we can look like anything. in fact, i have jewish cousins with blonde hair and blue eyes… but anyway, just thought id clear that up as questions about race are a very sensitve subject…
are yeah…heres some photos…
and exuse my bad looks…i know im not exactly an oil painting but…youll just have to deal with it…


  1. I think you have a look that would mean that nobody would be surprised if you were Jewish. I wouldn’t look at you and immediately think “she must be Jewish”. And you look fine by the way.


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