Sunday, September 26, 2021

Do I Like cake? My subconscious says i do, but i don't?

ok so here is the deal: my subconscious has this thing where it randomly shouts out something in place of blank spots in my mind, sort of by default, to replace whatever it is i cant think of the answer or word for. For quite a while this default word/sentence has been “i like cake”, oh yes it does get very annoying, when it actually comes to eating cake though, i don’t really enjoy it at all. So any answer?


  1. I have the same thing with fish, mainly salmon.
    My head is just like, ‘i want some salmon’ then when i eat some i almost puke but then i soon get the same thing again. Kinda weird. :\
    Just ignore it, you do not like cake! Just like i do not like fish. xD

  2. maybe your subconscious knows that cake is supposed to be enjoyable, not that you enjoy it. to society, cake is a symbol used in celebration. if you are very socail person and you go to allot of parties, i can see where your subconscious picked it up.


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