Home Discussion Forum do i have telepathy or not?

do i have telepathy or not?

do i have telepathy
well in one dream i was going to a kindergarden class and working with kindergardeners
and in 2months it happend and once i heard voices that people dident


  1. Based on the fact that not a single type of Extra-Sensory perception has EVER been demonstrated in controlled laboratory conditions (even when a prize of 1 million USD was offered to any person or parapsychologist worldwide that was able to do so). No you probably don’t. Sorry.

  2. I’m the kind of person who likes to take a scientific approach to these things. Were you feeling ill? Could this voice have been from someone in the hall? Could the kids have denied the fact they were talking in fear of talking out of turn?
    I do believe in things like telepathy, but I think about 90% of it can be explained by other means.
    But if you answered “No” to all my questions to consider, you may have telepathy. But still, don’t be certain of it unless it happens again.

  3. Sorry, no telepathy. If you are hearing voices then you have a serious mental illness. Your belief in telepathy is also a sign of mental illness. Good luck.


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