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do i have repressed feelings?

i have a big wieght of anxiety that wont go away. its like my mind is clouded by it. i cant figure out what is causing it. i have been extremely depressed lately. its a deep feeling of grief and hopelessness. it seems to be worse at night. have i repressed something that is causing the feelings? i cant think of any memories or feelings im holding in. im trying to learn how the subconscious mind controls how we feel. i do have alot of social anxiety and i have hard time with other people.


  1. Well, the first question is, how long have you had this feeling? Is it recent or has it been going on for quite some time? If it’s recent, I would try to do a self evaluation.
    How is work? Is there something (or some one; a co-worker, your manager or supervisor?) that is adding a element of stress to your normal routine?
    If it’s been going on a while, I would try to think back to when you began to feel it magnify this way. Anxiety is often worse at times when you aren’t aware that you have more time to dwell. This would explain why it seems worse at night.
    But most definitely, I would try to speak to someone. A confidant, if you have one. There are mental health hotlines. If you have health insurance, you might have access to resources and advocates that you should utilize and are there for you for instances just like this. You can also find mental health resources that work on pro-bono or sliding scale fee and is not sub par care just because they are reduced fees. in the mean time, you can do little things to help yourself along. Try infusing colors that you find relaxing into your home space. Use aroma therapy. Exercise. Exercise is actually huge in maintaining a healthy metal state/stress reduction due to the release of endorphines.
    But I think talking to a professional is definitely warranted before this gets to a point where you feel like it’s controlling your life and how you function.

  2. i doubt it’s repressed feelings causing it. many people with social anxiety have generalized anxiety as well as depression. the following support site has a lot of great people and info: socialanxietysupport.com


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