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Do I Have A Subconscious Mind?

First of all, i’m not really sure what a subconscious mind is so i’m kinda confused.
Anyway, lately, i’ve been experiencing these weird moments in my mind.
Like if i go and brush my teeth, i’ll pick up a random toothbrush without even considering which one is mine, then about 2 minutes later, i’ll think about whether it’s mine or not. It’s as if my mind wasn’t even working when i picked up the toothbrush. (Theres like 6 toothbrushed in the toothbrush holder thing)
Also, if i go and do something in my room (like write something on my calender, i’ll do it then go back downstairs and about 5 minutes later, i’ll be wondering if i actually wrote on my calender or not.
Then i have to go and check.
When these things happen, it’s like my mind is totally shut down and i don’t even remember doing these things. And when i actually perform the actions, it’s like i’m a dead girl walking.
If you know what i mean…
anyway, is this a subconscious mind or what?


  1. No, that isn’t a subconscious mind, that it just you not paying attention. It happens to everyone. But everybody has a subconscious mind– it just means the parts of your memories that you aren’t thinking about

  2. It’s routine, automatic, so your mind isn’t giving attention to doing those things at the moment. Could be you’re distracted by something else, happens alot to me too, lol. If you’ve noticed, it’s never important things that you don’t do very often, it’s usually simple things, like reaching for a pen, or the remote, or grabbing the keys before you walk out. Habits and routines, get programmed in your mind so you don’t have to pay attention unless you think about it before you do it.

  3. It is interesting that you should ask that question. What I am writing now, I am writing with my conscious mind. However, my subconscious mind guides my hand, having learned by rote every psychological term in school for so many years that I have lost count.
    When we make decisions, we are using our conscious minds. Our values, morals and belief systems stem from our subconscious mind because we, as children, were taught by repetition so as to “pound it into us.”
    Sundays are for resting, church-going, wearing prettier dresses, a roast in the oven and classical music on the stereo, for example. Saturdays are “date nights,” and Friday nights are for guys who like to watch wrestling matches, coining the phrase “Friday Fight Night” because everyone within a family is usually exhausted by the time they arrive home from work, and arguments that erupt into violence usually occur on Friday nights.
    Because these types of things become habits when they are repeated over time, they affect how you think and believe how other people live. This becomes a product of the subconscious mind, because even though we do not see everyone’s daily life like a movie, we know their habits. The conscious mind comes into play when you make a decision that since you are not busy on Saturday afternoon, then probably no one else you know is, either. Acting on impulse stems from the subconscious, compelling us to take action so that what we do fits into our belief system. . . and so forth, and so on.
    As a result, whenever we meet people from another culture, it always comes as a surprise when they do things differently from how we were raised.
    Does this make sense? I hope this answers your question.
    After finding two websites of interest, I think the psychology site will offer more educational resources (things you can use in life), and the other website offers interesting observations, which you may enjoy browsing.


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