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Do i have a mental problem or something?

Hi, i know its a personal problem but i need help sorting this out.
basically i go to school and dont try because if find no point. when i do a test of something i ace it. i can bust out a essay in a day if you give me an hour and I am always telling people, What if this happens and ill blurt out ideas i have randomly and people get pretty annoyed but i cant help it i feel like i need to tell someone these thoughts. some ideas people are like wow that is a very cool idea. but usually they just ignore me like there mad. sometimes it seems there just upset because my idea is so out there and they dont care at all. another thing is i do wierd things to stick out but i dont want attention i just dont feel like anyone else and what i think is cool others are disgusted with. i have friends but there all stoners and im getting sick of smoking weed because when im on it i get all these brilliant ideas and when i come down i notice there just like my other ideas (just good). ill share with you one idea so you get the idea of where my mind is at.
DMT is a chemical and its found in the pineal gland in the brain. it is connected to your eyes. when light is going through your eyes it activates the gland and it creates a DMT but scientist aren’t sure how. this is what scientist know this is what i infer. There is DMT in light and the light goes in your eye and your eye digests the light and the DMT goes into the pineal gland the rest of the light just gives you an image of your surroundings. then when you sleep the gland relaxes and releases the DMT into your brain and that is called a Dream.
thats just a tiny bit of what my thoughts are i have movie ideas and inventions and a ton of other stuff i could share but you probably dont care like everyone else. what is wrong with me?
Thank you very much, have a nice day.


  1. Cry me a river. I’ve got disabilities–among which is a learning disability. I had a hard time passing classeswhen I was growing up. I don’t see what your problem is; I wish I had that “plight”.

  2. Tom it appears you are very intelligent and you don’t mind saying so. You don’t have anything wrong mentally,like a lot of young men,and I speak from experience you have to get over your self. You need to apply yourself and do better for one day you will wake up and find that your a bit behind and your acing days are no more.Go easy on the weed it can make you too mellow [a pushover} wean you self to a few good belts if you need to feel different. I’m not going to DMT,gonna have a coupla ah VO’s and then look for another question. ps guess it was kind of a scolding,been there, Jesse

  3. Yes, you do a have a problem. It is called being smarter and more curious and more creative than 99 percent of your peers. Why dumb yourself down for them?
    There is nothing wrong with you! The world is in desperate need of people like you to come up with solutions to the problems the other 99 percent have created.
    Since you gave an example, I’ll share one with you:
    My son is what they called “gifted.” I’ve always known he’s smart.
    I was called into a conference with his teacher when he was 7 years old. She was very serious and I was a little scared. She couldn’t even say it out loud, she had to whisper it to me, which alarmed me even more. The big secret? “Your son reads and comprehends at the level of an 8th grader!”
    And the problem is … ?
    The problem was they didn’t know what to do with him.
    I told her to let him read to the class. What’s the big deal here? Given as dumb as 99 percent of the 8th graders are in this country, what’s wrong with a 2nd grader being able to do it? Heck, TIME magazine is written at the level of an 8th grader.
    When he was in the 7th grade, he was given an opportunity to take the SAT for entrance to college. He scored higher than 60 percent of the high school seniors taking the same test.
    Again, it didn’t surprise me.
    I will share the same advice as I shared with him.
    You are smart. You have been gifted with a wonderfully creative brain. You are smarter than 99 percent of the people in this country, including teachers and elected officials. That will be frustrating for you, but don’t ever let anyone take it away from you. You’ll be called a trouble-maker, you’ll be called a nerd, but be comfortable in who you are because there is nothing wrong with you.


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