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Do i apply feng shui to each room separately or the whole house?

Trying to do some feng shui in our house but not sure whether i need to do each room individually and do bagua from the entrance or do i apply bagua to the whole floor of the house? Thanks


  1. hey!
    i think feng shui does not work, is more of your self, who will make your house prosper.
    like,is kinda logic that your toilet door should not face the kitchen..i read that some where actually.
    besides, i dont think bill gates or donald trump has a feng shui master to decorate thier house,but yet still they manage to earn big bucks..
    dont waste your money in hiring someone to tell you what is lucky,what is not.. is a total waste of money..
    but still if you want to,you can go to the directory to look.
    good luck

  2. I would say each room unless you have the funds to change the actual layout of your home. Go to HGTV.com. I think they have directions on how to do it.

  3. for fengshui to work, you need to actually achieve at least 70% good fengshui to the whole house, or the bad energy will just negate all the good that your house has.
    i like to emphasize that the bagua method is not a fengshui method. i know it has been written by many authors. but it just dont work. the reason for this is simple. fengshui is like nature, that it is more powerful than man. this means nature can manipulate man, but not the other way around. this also means that as man, we need to adjust to nature. this is why the fengshui methods are created, so that man can manipulate his life, by using the methods to know how to backward engineer how life will turn out.
    there is no such thing as a quick fix in fengshui. if it is a quick fix, then it is either temporary because of time (in fengshui, incoming time has its own element/ energy that interacts and reacts with us, spaces in the house, things), or it is a fake method. for example for a quick fix that is based on incoming time is when you use annual flying stars for 2010, then you know that if you are an east person (use lillian too’s book to calculate your kua/ 8 mansions or ba zhai method – to know whether you belong to the east or west), then face your bed towards the east (with your legs pointing to the east), because in 2010, east has 6, which in fengshui is good – has something to do with being number 1; if you are west, then face west, because in 2010, west is occupied by 1, which is also auspicious in fengshui. this is not the case in other years, like in 2009, west is occupied by 2, earth, which in fengshui is sickness. so even if you are a west person based on 8 mansions method, you dont face your bed to west in 2009, or you’ll get sick frequently. this is i think a quick fix, but like i said, it is temporary. the effect changes around october of 2010, the energy changes to prepare for 2011.
    but there are other methods like flying stars, which is simple that is if you get the hang of flying around the chart i mean using the method. there is also some advanced methods like water dragons.

  4. If you really need to improve Feng Shui and have the money to renovate…get a real Feng Shui Master.
    It is mostly the exterior (outside the home) that affects more….
    Internally other than the obvious things….just make sure air flow is good, you are not hinder in productivity because of obstacles like having to detour a longer route because of inappropriate furniture placements or having to squat often to access something frequently used, conflicting items like stove and fridge stay as far as possible and things are painted and arranged neatly such that you do not feel very disoriented whenever you see them….
    It is hard if not impossible to get things correct if you go too microscopic such as at the room level….most of the time you would not see the effects for the efforts that you put in….if you however could improve it without having to put too much effort….it may be worth while doing….
    The improvement for the entire house however may be worth doing….I am by no means an expert but my experience tells me the most beneficial improvement I had is having an aquarium at any of the three okay sectors (East, South-East and South-West [till year 2024] in the location that I hang out a lot at…

  5. The 3 most important sectors in a house are the main door, the kitchen and the bedroom. Also the office if your work at home. The later heaven Bagua is essential to understand how to allocate your rooms within your house.
    You will find explanation on Bagua and how to use it, the five elements etc on http://www.fengshuiswiss.com
    Happy learning!


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