Do hunting dogs have psychic powers?





How else can they know there’s a rabbit or bird lying invisible in a bush or thicket?
That would be you’re or you are a dog.
Thanks, but any third grader could have done the same thing.
I detect a bit of the pot calling the kettle black tonight.


  1. No! They know there’s a rabbit or bird nearby simply because they have excellent senses of smell and hearing. Much more sensitive than our senses. Because of that they percieve the world differently than us.
    You don’t believe dogs have psychic powers but you believe a frightened rabbit emits “negative energies”? It’s like you’re trading Sylvia Brown for John Edwards!

  2. A frightened rabbit gives off a very negative energy and we all know how those frequency vibrations attract the very thing that you are most afraid of, those dogs would be drawn to it like a magnet.
    Deenie’s answer is a perfect example of people attributing human characteristics to animals, who knows what Sweetie was thinking when she looked at puddles but I bet you worrying about whether Deenie got her feet wet would be the furthest thing from her mind (unless Deenie was stamping in them and splashing the dog) I don’t think dogs are able to see things from another animals point of view.
    And coyotes and hawks have to eat too Deenie, haven’t you ever enjoyed a nice duck or chicken dinner?
    I’m getting a name with an ‘M’ or an ‘F’ sound in it.

  3. Yep.. they’re definitely psychic.Our dogs always find our rabbit (on the back porch) and show us that it’s there. Sweeite used to find lots of things for me. And one time after a rain..she would go from one puddle to the next and look at it and then look at me..then go to the next one. Guess she was telling me not to step in them. lol She was such a smart good pretty dog. I miss her. Wish she would pay me a visit.
    If I had hunting dogs.. I would train one of them to go ahead of the others and warn the prey. I hate hunting.It’s cruel. If they hunted animals in town and killed them they would be arrested for abuse of animals. So why is it ok in the woods? (except coyotes who kill people’s pets and attack children). (and hawks who snatched our baby ducks and get small dogs.) Those should be killed.
    Edit. Tuk.. Never Never duck… and I feel bad when I eat chicken. But really…. baby ducks should have a chance to live. Just think how scared they were. Poor babies.

  4. Invisible? No…they just have acute, trained senses is all with an instinct guided by pattern’s their trainers taught them. I’m not saying psychic powers don’t exist, I’m just skeptical about them in this instance is all.
    Yes Deenie, I admit; I didn’t know. But come on, Doctor Nice asked if Reiki (ability to heal) is useful for hospitals. And he asked lots of other questions relating to parapsychology so I think I wasn’t totally out of bounds thinking he was serious (yes I stalked his Q&As). Unless of course he was wasting all his points asking useless, sarcastic questions (which would be asinine).

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