Do humans have the capacity for telekinesis?

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I heard that we use only 10% of our brains. Whats the rest for? And i thought i heard one time of monks who possessed telekinesis.

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my answer is
if you have telekinesis lift my hand
just kidding
the 90
5 we don’t use is filled with memories
things stored that we don’t need
and there is a lot of shit we don’t need
i don’t think the 10% thing is a myth
it was actually stated in my biology book
last year. so it can’t be untrue


yes but most of us cant access it i have meditated and tried no luck with it

Dustin M

I hope so. Now where’s that remote?


No, we use our whole brain. It only seems that certian ppl use only 10% of thier brain. My mom for instance. There is no credible research that suggests telekinesis is real.


I know this sounds crazy, but I had an experience of “table tapping” when I was a kid and my relatives, too! None of us was manipulating it. I did a Q a couple of wks ago, and another person answered saying that she had experienced it, too. Another gave a web site–“Spirtualist religions”–I Googled “table turning” and it seems to have been a very popular parlor game in Victorian era–even Buckingham Palace! It mentioned the name of the force–can’t remember now–extonic??? No, but you can find it on the Web. My experience was that four of my relatives–Mom, my Aunt, my cousin and I–placed our hands flat on the surface of a light card table–one person on each side. We started chanting softly, “Rise, table, rise! Rise, table, rise” Before long, two of the legs ACTUALLY ROSE IN THE AIR, tilting the table up on the other opposite legs!! NO one was pulling it up, nor pressing down on it!!! Then we instructed it, “Please answer our questions, one tap as yes; two taps as no.” We started asking our Qu’s and they were eerily accurate!! My Dad and Uncle were VERY skeptical, but they, either, could find out how it was being done!! Finally, one person took her hands off–it continued. The second person removed her hands so that it continued with two persons!! I think it continued with only 1 person–but am not sure. We went thru the evening–and finally it started going faster and faster, as if it were tired of the game, BOUNCED-TAPPED it’s way across the living room to the front door and STOPPED!! No amount of coaxing could get it to move again. We really were so spooked, we never tried it again. The person who emailed me experienced the whole table rising and turning!! And actually burst into flame!! On the web site, it does talk a lot about “turning tables”!! I don’t know if people have telekinesis or it’s a force of its own that we don’t know much about–and treat it as “parlor games” instead of a scientific experiment!! Don’t know, either, re monks–but I wouldn’t doubt it. There, again, I’d try the Web! I do believe that we use only the small % our our brain capacity!! Who KNOWS what we’re capable of????


I think we do. We just don’t know how to access it. Ever since I was a kid, I regularly dream that I can move things with my mind, and dream that I will myself to levitate, seriously. The mind is powerful, It can make you sick, it can heal you, it can make you crazy, maybe we just don’t know everything about it. Maybe as we become wiser, God will grant us more gifts.


is it really real ?? i want to posses this kind of thing !


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