Do healing crystals work?

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I found some really old information on this, but is there any scientifically proven sources that I can make amends with on this subject?

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Only if you believe in magic.
and The Placebo effect.

Bbblllttt Tttttttt.....



Everything is energy including the planet. Mining these crystals is actually raping the earth but, yes they have qualities to them. You have to be willing to believe in it.


No scientific evidence of it.


‘rayal’ has it in one, there is no scientific evidence anywhere in the world that they work other than by placebo, anyone who claims that they do, and can prove it under mutually agreed conditions qualify for James Randi’s $1,000,000 challenge.
The well respected TV program HORIZON took up this challenge on behalf of homoeopathy, another delusion, they failed also.


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