Do healing crystals work, and if so, how?

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I have been brought up to believe in healing crystals, but since the age of 10, I have had doubts about whether they work or not. Now I am 17, and I am hoping to study Physics at Cambridge University, so I have quite a strong grasp of Physics. I cannot find any ‘good’ scientific evidence to back up the claim that crystals have ‘healing properties’. Does anyone have any real answers?
Please only answer if you understand basic Physics. I am bored of hearing people talk out of their ass.

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Science is just a description of what we understand of reality.
Healing is about the human mind/body,
a very complex system, which mainstream medicine studies mainly through a mixture of science and applied statistics.
Since the mind is soooooo important in this dynamical process of healing (and getting sick),
and since the mind is quite complex,
mainstream medicine is not at all scientific (in the sense Physics and engineering is) yet.
Once you under-stand the mind very well (I am not talking about the mental understanding only)
you will be able to answer your question yourself.
So that will be about the only sense-ful answer you will receive.
Just remember : mainstream medicine is mostly about applied statistics.
Good luck if you study Physics, it’s not the Queen of Sciences (Logic and Number Theory), but it smells like it.


Nope, there’s not a jot of credible evidence that crystals have any kind of ‘healing properties’.
Some undereducated hippy somewhere must have seen a crystal one day, marvelled at its attractiveness and decided it must be magic because of a coincidence between his migraine clearing up and him putting the crystal in his pocket. (Coincidences are basically the fundamental reason why alternative medicine exists).
Such basic mistakes and a lack of method in separating correlation from causation is why non-scientists get sucked in by voodoo, magic, gods and other rubbish.
Edit: The total nonsense spouted by smartass is typical of the alt med community; if poorly educated, just dribble on with random rantings and hope no one notices you’re not actually making any sense. This is a person who didn’t make it out of high school and certainly knows nothing about physics (as if you need me to tell you that!)
Edit2: A thumbs down from me too Rick. I’m afraid your ‘Appeal to Authority’ argument is a FAIL. Brennan is a total quack, with her website scoring a perfect 10/10 canards for quackery: Doubtless scamming gullible members of the public makes more money than working for NASA, it certainly requires less intelligence.


Not one of these crystal healing nutjobs can explain how their crystal work. Some will make up crap abput energies and vibrations and some will even mouth off about quantum physics. I’m afraid that all the answers that you’ll get aside from those of skeptics will be rants like that of SmartAss, pseudoscientific crap, or New Age horse manure.
SmartAss, you have a talent for writing long paragraphs that make absolutely no sense at all. I doubt you have a masters in physics.


Your assertion that crystals do not have the ability to heal anything because of some specific physical property is absolutely correct. Everything a crystal can do can be attributed to the placebo effect.
The placebo effect is the combined effect of any treatment caused by expectancy, motivation, conditioning and endogenous opiates. And this is an effect that we are all more or less are susceptible to. For instance if you are told that you are given a strong painkiller, the placebo effect results in some degree of pain relief.


I’ve posted this on similar questions and have gotten thumbs down, but I’ll post it again. Barbara Brennan was a NASA physicist some years ago. She wrote a book called “Hands of Light” in which she talks about energetic characteristics. She has participated in complementary medicine in combination with traditional medical doctors. Since you’re grounded in the scientific thinking process and are seeking scientific evidence, you might consider perusing the book. As you and many others know and practice, you must think critically and evaluate other viewpoints and suggestions to arrive at logical, valid conclusions. Too many today think that if you simply talk loudly and rapidly enough and repeat something over and over, it will be true and people will believe it. Good luck in your future formal education endeavors.

Gary Y

If you have a good grasp of physics you understand the real “energetic characteristics” of crystals. For example, the piezoelectric effect. There are no magic universal healing “energies” – which are so often trotted out in alternative ‘medicine’. They can’t even get the definition of ‘energy’ right….
Crystal therapy is a placebo – there is not one jot of valid evidence that says otherwise.
A good skeptical question. Always seek the evidence.

Flizbap 2.0

No, there is no plausible mechanism by which healing stones could heal.
Even if they oozed out a type of energy (kinetic, thermal, electromagnetic, etc) and an incredible rate it wouldn’t have any direct healing effect unless the stones also possessed a certain level of sentience and could direct exactly how that energy is being used by the human body. So if you accept that all rocks are secretly a sentient alien species spewing out area specific “healing” energy at all times that cannot be detected by man made instruments, then yeah sure, rocks can heal. Why not?
Rocks are just rocks. Some are pretty to look at.


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