Home Discussion Forum Do halos represent the crown chakra?

Do halos represent the crown chakra?

Such as in paintings of Jesus, his desciples, Mary, Buddha, or any other religious figure.
Is this expressing the crown chakra or spiritual energy?
I didn’t say they had physical halos! I’m talking about art.

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  1. No, their origin is from the worship of pagan solar deities (Helios/Horus/Ra/Apsu/Balder/Apollo/etc.) and represent the Sun.

  2. Halos do suggest an active crown chakra, but aren’t expressions of it – they are a byproduct of awakened kundalini, which in Christian terms translate as either the Holy Spirit or the Holy Fire. Gold halos are masculine and silver are feminine. Crown chakra expressions may also include flecks of these colours, but are predominantly purple.


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