Do eastern religions like Taoism, Shinto, and Hindu accept homosexuality?

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Those religions are different from Abrahamic beliefs.

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Their are no religions in the world that excepted any kind of homeseuality (ACTIVITY).

morrison aldrich

homosexuality in Hindu is unclear. the Bhagavad Gita scripture suggests that one must act accordance to true nature. other scriptures does not accept homosexuality. the United Kingdom Hindu council issued a statement recently saying that Hinduism does not condemn homosexuality. Buddhism does not condemn homosexuality. buddhists are very gay friendly. homosexuality does not break any Buddhist percepts.Japanese Shinto/Buddhism does concider homosexuality a temporary phase and approves as long as the relation ends with the coming of age. there is a long history of homosexuality among samurai warriors.


No. It is strongly condemned.
Inaddition,H it has never been considered a real thing in Hinduism — we don’t have too many references to it.
Logically Hindus are conservative. We have strong family and traditional ties. There is no way a Hindu would believe being homosexual makes him a good Hindu.
Hinduism is a religion that advocates control of the mind, discipline and purity.
It is a free religion but sexuality is in itself counterproductive to reaching a strong spirit.
So Hinduism is and will never be in favor of homosexuality; Indians in general will never be in favor of this practice.
We tolerate it just as we tolerate all the other things. But we don’t approve of it.
Having said all this, I want to make it clear that we also don’t condemn punishment to the gays.
If he or she is a good person, what difference does it make to me how he/ she chooses to live?


L’omosessualità è quanto di più obbrobrioso ci possa essere come espressione nefasta nei comportamenti umani. Fece bene Hitler a mandare nei campi di lavoro forzato gli omosessuali, le lesbiche, i bisessuali e i transessuali.


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