Do crystals really have healing powers?

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I have been reading about crystals and their supposedly healing powers. I cant make up my mind weather to believe it or dismiss it.

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Rick H

i don’t think so, unless you’re like talking about salt crystals which if you eat them then you’d restore your salt content in your body then if you didn’t have enough and just ate it then it would “heal” you.
If you’re talking about like quartz crystals, well, i really don’t believe in that stuff.
what would it do?
probably kill your kidneys, or clog up your intestines.

Neart, Grá agus Onóir

just to balance things a little, you could start by reading this page. Like anything else, if you want to believe in something you will find reasons to, if not you will find sites that are skeptical, always best to read a variety of sites and then decide for yourself

Eco student

I have a large box full under my bed and they do nothing!
I just started atkins tho, WOW!


Do crystals have healing powers?
Plain and simple.
It doesn’t matter whether you “believe” or not, whether you imagine they “change from cloudy to clear” or not, they have NO power to heal.


Would you be asking, if you thought they did?


Honestly, I never believed in the healing powers of crystals, I thought people were off their rockers. I liked rocks because they were pretty. That was almost 10 years ago now, after an experience that changed what I thought I knew. I’ve done a lot of research, a lot of personal reflection, and a lot of experimentation.
I’ve had crystals change from clear to cloudy, change in weight, change in color, just because you are holding them or giving a massage with their help. You can’t help but start to wonder. If it was just an object with no energy, there would be no change.
We are made of energy just as the rocks are. Just as a magnet has a field of energy around them, so do other crystals. Our energy field is known as an aura.The crystals interact with your energy field, fine tuning it. Just like piano wires will vibrate with a tuning fork, crystals will activate a vibration in the body.
New research into Quantum physics is beginning to explain the metaphysical world. A relatively easy to read book that helps to explain quantum physics and healing is called The Biology of Belief.


What you have said makes most sense. Yes, fine tune or interact is most likely the best answer.


i think that they dowork because i have experiance
once i was sick and i wore a crystal around my neck and in the next day i felt much better


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