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Do crystals really have healing abilities?

I am a believer in ‘Crystal therapy’. I’m new to it, and have just started using crystals, but have always had an interest in this sort of thing. However, does it actually work? Do crystals treat certain ailments such as anxiety, headaches, and stomach pains? Do they promote good luck, your sex drive, and courage?
Or is it all just rubbish?
I want to hear your opinions on this…


  1. my brother works wid crystals in a place called aora soma he dnt believe in them but says they work its all in the mind . if someone believe this stone they have will help there head ache they will start to believe it is helpin and the head ache is goin. with methol crystals that u soak in warm water these do have some medicines with it so this does scientifically help. if u r a strong enough person to believe it will it proberaly will help but if u dnt belive u have no chance. check out aora soma website it will give u lots more infomation

  2. No it doesn’t work.
    And there is no such thing as “luck” either, life is simply a complex chain of events, reliant on a huge number of factors, in both random and non – random patterns.

  3. yes they do . Just like everything else they too have a frequency , vibration , that can resonate to different areas of the body or energy field . Ignore these people who say ” its rubbish ” without ever having even used , researched or experienced them for themselves. I have worked with them for years , for myself , and with clients ( i use them with Reiki ) with excellent results. Of course you do need to do your research for the uses of specific crystals . You can also look up the science behind the human biofield and energy system , and the influence of crystals. This is not the place to ask , you will mainly get silly answers from people that have not had anything to do with them. Do your own research.

  4. No it’s nonsense.
    Sure, you’ll get a few people like Tahlia, who’ll dribble on about ‘energy’ and ‘biofields’ and other such rubbish, mainly because they read it on a website that sells crystals. The reality is these are pseudo-scientific terms that have no real meaning and if Tahlia had even a basic science education, she’d realise that. Crystals are simply pretty pieces of rock, they have no detectable interaction with the human body and certainly do NOT treat any kind of illness or condition.

  5. Well in theory if you compact a bunch of titanium dioxide into a crystal-like shape, and press it up against a small cut, it will slow the bleeding. But that’s just what titanium dioxide does.
    In all other cases, crystals are just pretty rocks. They can heal nothing; if you don’t believe me bring some to the local terminal ward of your hospital and see how many of them get miraculously cured by the magical rocks.

  6. You’re going to hear a lot of nonsense from believers such as “energy” or “vibration” and yet they won’t be able to explain how these energies of vibrations can affect the human body. They also won’t be able to show you any scientific study that shows that crystal healing works better than a placebo.
    It’s rubbish.

  7. Yes, crystals have an energy. It is subtle though. When you work with crystals you can feel the different engeries of different ones.
    Ignore the negative opinions here from people who have never studied the subject, so basically they don’t know.

  8. I must agree with “Tink “. If you don’t believe it, it doesn’t work. As for those who say it is rubbish, they obviously don’t understand the power of the human mind. We are raised believing in a fa man in a red suit who brings us presents for being good. We believe it, it is real. The same influence can be applied here. Please don’t take these posts to heart. Not even mine. If you want to believe it, it is real. I am a 40 yr old, married, father of 5, grandfather of 3. I keep a quartz crystal in my pocket at all times because of my belief in its MANY powers. If you really want to know about crystals, check around for books or stores that specialize in stones and their powers. I wouldn’t recommend the internet sites. Some of them will run you in circles and confuse more than help. Best wishes. Blessed Be.


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