Home Discussion Forum Do colorblind people that can see auras see them in grayscale?

Do colorblind people that can see auras see them in grayscale?

Monica, I realize that is sometimes true since I have a slight color deficiency. However, I have an uncle that can not distinguish any colors.


  1. My boss can’t tell the difference between dark blue and black, and my dad had problems telling blues from greens. I don’t ever remember either saying they saw things in gray scale. I do know that science has reported that women do not have color blindness and carry the gene to the male offspring. However, my sister is color blind and so is my female neighbor. So I guess anything is possible concerning color blindness.

  2. what’s up is this a fetish now?…………….I mean this is the second question in a row about people talking about their anuses……perk it up a little how about testicles or something else.

  3. lmao I really don’t think color blindness would have an effect on seeing auras. I may be wrong about that, but it’s more than using the physical senses. I’ve known completely blind people that see with their 3rd eye. It took the place of their physical eyes.

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