Home Discussion Forum Do Christians have a responsibility to support and use alternative energy sources?

Do Christians have a responsibility to support and use alternative energy sources?

Seeing as fossil fuels are trashing our atmosphere… is it incumbent of Christians to adopt green energy such as wind, solar, geothermal, aquakinetics (underwater “wind mills”). “Green” would exclude nuclear.
The question is not meant to be exclusive in the sense that only Christians should use green technologies. But I want to know if Christians feel a specific Call to be green. (Call=perceived will of God).


  1. Yes. My church is now using wind and solar energy, and there are a growing number of Christian environmentalists. Taking care of the Earth is a job that many of us have fallen down on, but are increasingly trying to become more aware of. Some churches have promoted the idea that humans have dominion over nature and can do anything they like with it, but I feel that’s an irresponsible viewpoint. It’s important to take care of the environment as much as possible.

  2. It’s incumbent on Christians to respect, honor and protect God’s Creation. It’s not incumbent on anyone to follow harebrained liberal schemes coming out of Washington and Hollywood.

  3. What does being a Christian have to do with it? I think we all have a responsibility to keep our earth clean and to take care of it.

  4. There is no evidence that fossil fuels are trashing the atmosphere. And I thought god gave the Christians all they needed? Why would they need to use alternative energy sources?

  5. God put all mankind in charge of His creation to manage it responsibly. So I would say that we all share a part in being responsible. Discipline is key to many issues we face.

  6. Nope. That is a big myth anyway. America is the cleanest country in the world when it comes to burning oil or coal. Green is just a way to make money.

  7. No. However, if the glorified earth really will be the abode of the righteous forever, that means that we’re going to have to sleep in the bed we are making with our policies and practices right now, unless we are given some kind of chance to clean everything up later on.
    God gave us sufficient fossil fuels for history to unroll as he saw would be best. He gave us the time to find something better. But let’s use our brains here for a moment. God gave us the intelligence to come up with nuclear power and plenty of fissile materials. How long is it going to be before we reserve oil for lubricants and manufacturing, and get clean nuclear energy?

  8. Yes Ghost Rider. “I will destroy those who destroy the earth.” God isn’t real pleased with those who destroy His creation. People who destroy the earth aren’t fit to live on it.

  9. I believe so. Saying that God’s going to destroy this earth and give us a new one so it’s okay to trash this one is just like a spoiled brat tearing up its room or car or toys and saying “Daddy will just buy me another.”
    God’s mandate in Genesis was for us to practice stewardship over creation and we are doing a poor job. Humanity and animals suffer when we don’t do the best we can to protect the earth.


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