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Do Christians encourage people to read the bible because it contains a hidden mind numbing frequency?

Rhythm and frequency can have quite an affect upon organic life forms. Whether it is music, spoken word, breathing, heartbeat or even written text, rhythm and frequency can affect all life forms but mainly at the subconscious level. With the bible, it’s all to do with the doctrine specific keywords with which the bible is littered. These keywords appear at a certain specific intervals throughout the text and as the words create images within the mind of the reader, these images in turn create emotion and emotion imprints itself upon memory and this leads to an affect on overall state of present consciousness. Is it possible that the writers and translators of the modern bible were somehow aware of this tactic?


  1. Of course it is possible. This method has been honed in churches for as long as there have been churches.
    The bible isn’t a very good example of brainwashing because it isn’t very subtle. Instead consider anything written by Dan Brown.

  2. You know… If that far-sided theory was actually proven to be true, I guess it would be very effective. Lol. If they could’ve figured it out, I would hope they used it.

  3. They weren’t but GOD was!
    And, get this:
    GOD is Jesus
    Jesus is the Word (of GOD)
    The Word of GOD is in the Bible
    The Holy Spirit brings the Word of GOD to Pass
    The Holy Spirit Created Everthing the Father wanted using The Word (of GOD)
    FAITH comes by Hearing the Word (of GOD)
    FAITH is the Substance (real spiritual substance) of Things Hoped for
    Words are Inner Image Transfer Devices
    We can Speak Words
    The Holy Spirit can bring these Words to Pass
    What ya Think?


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