Do chakra stones really have healing powers?

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I’m thinking of purchasing a necklace featuring different stones and was just wondering if they have any effect at all.

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Hail Lucifer!!

yes they do but make sure to empower them once in a while so the healing can continue.hail lucifer!!


Chakras are simple yet involved yes they may help, you have 7 chakra station where you place a stone would depend on the malady but a necklace representing the 7 chakras can help you stay in balance if balance is ever achieved. even though I understand the chakras I am bad at explaining things so here is a link if you are interested
I have found relief with crystals and chakras

mad cat

the chakra stones repersent differant colors they are differant colors and meaning for the chakra’s to the body
your thrid eye level —manus chakra —-saraswati charka
your thyroid ——–akasha chakra
heart area ——–hrid charka
surya charka and even on the other side the chandra chakra
pancreas ———-agni cakra
adrenals ———–apas chakra
Gorads ——-ganesh chakra
Saraswati —–goddess of wisdom
Agni——-fire god
Ganesh lord of all
there is much more to learn
get the book A Chakra & kundalini work book bu dr. Jonn Mumford
revised edition

Rob M

any healing power would come through you


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