• the chakra stones repersent differant colors they are differant colors and meaning for the chakra’s to the body
    your thrid eye level —manus chakra —-saraswati charka
    your thyroid ——–akasha chakra
    heart area ——–hrid charka
    surya charka and even on the other side the chandra chakra
    pancreas ———-agni cakra
    adrenals ———–apas chakra
    Gorads ——-ganesh chakra

    Saraswati —–goddess of wisdom
    Agni——-fire god
    Ganesh lord of all

    there is much more to learn
    get the book A Chakra & kundalini work book bu dr. Jonn Mumford
    revised edition

  • Chakras are simple yet involved yes they may help, you have 7 chakra station where you place a stone would depend on the malady but a necklace representing the 7 chakras can help you stay in balance if balance is ever achieved. even though I understand the chakras I am bad at explaining things so here is a link if you are interested

    I have found relief with crystals and chakras

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