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Do chakra healings work?

guided by a healer or not? I want to hear some tesimonies. What are your experiences?


  1. my grandfather is a full blown buddhist monk, for 63 years (he’s 84)he’s been practicing… it has seemed to allow him to quit smoking instantly(i remember when i was around 5, now i’m 24), his temper towards his kids have changed dramatically considering he is very country. he’s healed many whom have come to return to thank him. i suggest you meditate, at almost 100 percent of the time while you have your body awake, and while it is sleeping… sounds odd, but it is possible, while you are working, live in the now, concentrate on yourself, to seek enlightenment without telling yourself to look for something specific, it will all come when your mind is ready to submit to your concious… i may sound a bit off but, been working for me :), its more than a revelation to me, and you yourself can guide your chakras to heal and become brighter in color

  2. Of course – I do that almost every day……. correcting the standing of not only the physical chakras but also the astral chakras. The same with removing any and all blockages of same. I also do correct any and all out-of-phase conditions or bad health of any and all subtle bodies/shells which surround the physical.
    I use scalar technology for that. Like removing all the blockages of the chakras takes a fraction of a second as do all the other “psychic” operations. Anyone interested is welcome to email me.
    The machine I have does way more than that – what I said are only the fast, simple operations/uses.

  3. Hello
    Im a healer who works via chakras as well as teach chakra meditations.
    Both can be very affective, with a healer you go when you feel the need with a chakra meditation – doing it daily can keep you in tune with yourself.

  4. Pranayama and Healing
    Perhaps some of you have read that in Pranayama, when drawing in the breath, you must fill your whole body with Prana. In the English translations Prana is given as –breath,– and you are inclined to ask how that is to be done. The fault is with the translator. Every part of the body can be filled with Prana, this vital force, and when you are able to do that, you can control the whole body. All the sickness and misery felt in the body will be perfectly controlled; not only so, you will be able to control another’s body. Everything is infectious in this world, good or bad. If your body is in a certain state of tension, it will have a tendency to produce the same tension in others. If you are strong and healthy, those that live near you will also have the tendency to become strong and healthy, but if you are sick and weak, those around you will have the tendency to become the same.
    In the case of one man trying to heal another, the first idea is simply transferring his own health to the other. This is the primitive sort of healing. Consciously or unconsciously, health can be transmitted. A very strong man, living with a weak man, will make him a little stronger, whether he knows it or not. When consciously done, it becomes quicker and better in its action. Next come those cases in which a man may not be very healthy himself, yet we know that he can bring health to another. The first man, in such a case, has a little more control over the Prana, and can rouse, for the time being, his Prana, as it were, to a certain state of vibration, and transmit it to another person.
    There have been cases where this process has been carried on at a distance, but in reality there is no distance in the sense of a break. Where is the distance that has a break? Is there any break between you and the sun? It is a continuous mass of matter, the sun being one part, and you another. Is there a break between one part of a river and another? Then why cannot any force travel? There is no reason against it. Cases of healing from a distance are perfectly true. The Prana can be transmitted to a very great distance; but to one genuine case, there are hundreds of frauds.
    This process of healing is not so easy as it is thought to be. In the most ordinary cases of such healing you will find that the healers simply take advantage of the naturally healthy state of the human body. An allopath comes and treats cholera patients, and gives them his medicines. The homoeopath comes and gives his medicines, and cures perhaps more than the allopath does, because the homoeopath does not disturb his patients but allows nature to deal with them. The faith-healer cures more still, because he brings the strength of his mind to bear and, through faith, rouses the dormant Prana of the patient.
    There is a mistake constantly made by faith-healers: they think that faith directly heals a person. But faith alone does not cover all the ground. There are diseases where the worst symptoms are that the patients never think that they have that disease. That tremendous faith of the patient is itself one symptom of the disease, and usually indicates that the patient will die quickly. In such cases the principle that faith cures does not apply. If it were faith alone that cured, these patients also would be cured.
    It is by the Prana that real curing comes. The pure person, who has controlled the Prana, has the power of bringing it into a certain state of vibration, which can be conveyed to others, arousing in them a similar vibration. You see that in everyday actions. I am talking to you. What am I trying to do? I am, so to say, bringing my mind to a certain state of vibration, and the more I succeed in bringing it to that state, the more you will be affected by what I say. All of you know that the day I am more enthusiastic, the more you enjoy the lecture; and when I am less enthusiastic, you feel lack of interest.
    The gigantic will-powers of the world, the world-movers, can bring their Prana into a high state of vibration, and it is so great and powerful that it catches others in a moment, and thousands are drawn towards them, and half the world think as they do. Great prophets of the world had the most wonderful control of the Prana, which gave them tremendous will power. They had brought their Prana to the highest state of motion, and this is what gave them power to sway the world. All manifestations of power arise from this control. People may not know the secret but this is the one explanation.
    Sometimes in your own body the supply of Prana gravitates more or less to one part; the balance is disturbed, and when the balance of Prana is disturbed, what we call disease is produced. To take away the superfluous Prana, or to supply the Prana that is wanting, will be curing the disease. That again is Pranayama–to learn when there is more Prana or less Prana in one part of the body than there should be. The feelings wi


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