Do Catholics Believe In Chakras, spiritual energy, reincarnation, casting spells, etc?

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I go to Catholic Social Services, and they have chakra opening music playing, and my counselor suggested that I try chakra meditation, and we talked for a few minutes on how to use energy to attract things into your life. She seemed to know as much if not more about the stuff than I did. The other catholic person I met a while back who is still my friend does aura readings, and talks about reincarnation, and our original pagan gods. I had no clue that Catholics were into stuff like this. Also on the radio a while back there was a catholic (she stated so) talking about what she has learned from spirits about the afterlife, and reincarnation and how the process works. She also talked about chakra meditation, kundalini and yoga.

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Evolved Ape

We believe Jesus Christ died for our sins.

Blue Star

Catholics believe and practice everything other than Jesus and Bible.

Sister Karrie

Not the Catholics I grew up with. Maybe things have changed.

Trap Door

Yes, Catholics believe in spells, magic, rituals to revive the dead, chakra, etc.


This is all new age crap. This isn’t what the Catholic Church teaches. God didn’t teach us to do these things, therefore it’s wrong. My church does a labrynth during Lent, a walk of mediation. The bishop bans it but the priest had okayed it. I don’t participate because it’s new age crap and not what God wants us to do. Meditation through prayer is the only way to God.

TattooMom gives Christian front hugs!

No we only Believe in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Those are the only God.
However a Catholic might know about chakras, or meditation, or whatever: without actually worshiping them.
Big NO on the reincarnation. Not in our Doctrine.


No. Such practices are incompatible with Christianity, and specifically forbidden by the teaching of the Catholic Church. If you knew a self-proclaimed “Catholic” who committed a murder, would you conclude that Catholics “believe in” murder??


Well the counselor is obviously more liberal than normal catholics


no,this just shows how bad the catholic church is that they will do things the bible tells them to not do(like cast spells)

Kazoo M

Why have you chosen to lie about the Catholic church.
We have an entire creed that opposes everything you have said.
Take the time to locate your Bible, once you find it blow all the dust off of it from not being used and read the following chapter/verse:
Matthew 12:36, 37
God bless’

Greg J

I hope not, since not only the Catechism denounces such practices (see ¶s 1852, 2117, & 2138), but also the Holy Bible (our ultimate authority) does as well.


I’ll be honest when this sounds like trolling rather than an honest question.
To answer however, no, we do not believe in chakras, reincarnations, spells or “spiritual energy.”
We believe in God, as in The Holy Trinity.


God said in the latter days (meaning now) people would turn from their faith and follow other gods. Jesus said “I am the way, the truth and the light”. Satan comes as an angel of light, and whether people believe this or not, satan is here to collect souls and he will do anything to turn a child of God to serve him. There are two fathers, there is a father of lies who comes in many forms, then there is the Father of Truth which is Jesus Christ who comes to save the souls who believe.

chakras – no
spiritual energy – yes; they identify it as the power of the Holy Spirit
reincarnation – no
casting spells Рnot per s̩, though blessings, which often are ritualized, are often believed to have a somewhat similar effect
The people that you mention all seem to me to be less than devout Roman Catholics. It seems to me (perhaps a Catholic will correct me) that they are lax in their own faith and dabbling in other beliefs in a way not permitted by the Roman Catholic Church.


It’s refreshing to see more & more people leaving all cult-based religions and getting back to the teachings of Paul in the bibles new testament. Our savior Jesus will not return until his church is ready for heaven and as long as 1cor:ch1 vs23 is not preached & believed by the multtude of so-called believer’s the rapture won’t happen and we will remain here in this sesspool of a world.


No, that is not Catholic.
Often, with Catholic organizations that serve the public, staff isn’t always Catholic.
But if these people say they are Catholic, they aren’t. What they are doing and counseling you in, goes against Church teaching.

Macauley Boivin

Idk but that’s all from satanism lol I would know cause I learned bought it in HAIL SATAN


No that’s not Catholic.
Unfortunately, you’ve raised an issue of very real concern. As Father had to point out in my RCIA classes, you can’t assume everybody who uses the name Catholic actually adheres to the faith. A lot of weirdness got allowed into the Church in the 60’s and 70’s. Some of those people are still with us. There are universities – Georgetown and Notre Dame to name two – that have behaved shamefully. At my own allegedly Catholic university, it’s easier to get a pro-homosexual student group recognized and funded than a Catholic group.
And let’s not forget the allegedly Catholic hospital in Phoenix that was doing abortions and sterilizations on demand for 7-years before the Bishop finally said enough is enough…and he got excoriated in the media and by fake Catholics for his trouble.
The Church, dating back to Judas, has always had some bad elements in it. But what the Church is has remained good.


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