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Do auras hurt?

I believe in auras, or something along those lines. I know one can see other’s auras, but can he see his own? Can he feel it? Can auras hurt? Can anyone who has experienced any of these feelings, or something related to that (having to do with energy and the power human mind/soul) tell me a little about them?
Thanks. Any input from personal experience will do.
By “can they hurt?” I originally meant “can I feel my own aura hurting, like I feel my stomach hurt?” But some people answered it viewing it as in “can someone ELSE’s aura hurt ME?” which was also good input. Thanks everyone! Good answers. I’ll pick one as soon as I can!


  1. do some research on psychic vampires, it may be what you’re looking for.
    The theory behind aura’s that I most accept if they truly exist is that it’s a person’s electrical field.

  2. psychic vampires can feed off a persons aura field, but it usually doesnt hurt the host
    auras area humans electrical field that is mostly dependant on the persons mood and/or attitude
    all animals give off some sort of electrical field, so its been proven
    but a persons emotion affect the intensity and color of the aura
    someone happy will probably have a bright aura either yellow, or orange
    someone sad or depressed would have a dim maybe purple aura
    someone angry would have an intense red aura

  3. If your is aura is hurting, it probably just needs to be brushed. When was the last time you brushed it? If you don’t brush your aura now and then it can become matted and that is when it starts to hurt.

  4. I am very sensitive to auras. Even when I was a child.
    And also, I went through a 1 year breakdown & experienced a lot of hurtful auras.
    So? Yes some auras hurt. The ones that reject you. Call you stupid. Pride auras. Etc.
    But there is an aura that mends those wounds. The aura that is acceptence & security. The Blessed Assurance aura.
    To add: I went into a breakdown with the auras too loud & magnified. Only because I practiced self hypnosis. See? We have a protective wall around our physical being when we don’t get stuck in a spell. With self hypnosis, you can cause chemical reaction in your body by thought you believe. And you can get stuck in the spell & not be able to wake up or sleep. And in this condition, the auras can be sooo loud, confusing & uncomfortable & where you seek Gods deliverence from these. But God is hard to find. Because you broke down the protective barrier by practicing self hypnosis & put yourself in an altered state of mind.
    When I did find God finally at a Church that prayed for me, I received healing & came out of the spell. Now I have faith with the Blessed Assurance that comes from God. And His protection over my being.

  5. if we can see others auras… then we can also see our own
    we can feel our energy that surrounds us … and as that is what an aura is believed to be , then yes we can feel the aura
    the aura is only energy … it isnt physical , has no nerve endings … therefore cant be hurt
    it can be maniupulated though ( as can any energy ) … so that we can work on our own body via the aura

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