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Do athiests believe in reincarnation?

I know they don’t believe in an afterlife. So they think this life is all we have and you die then thats it. Kinda depressing.


  1. Atheism doesn’t promise happiness after death, nor do we promise you will be happy with death. all we promise is logic, and a clear outlook on life. That’s enough for me.

  2. Some Buddhists are non-theistic.
    But, no, not all atheists believe in reincarnation. You’ve got no consciousness to feel depressed when you’re dead.

  3. It’s not depressing. It’s realistic.
    It’s only depressing to you because you have a grand illusion in your head about some imaginary great place in which all good things come to you.
    And no, I don’t believe in reincarnation. That isn’t to say all atheists don’t.

  4. I’d like to believe that reincarnation, at least, is possible. But I don’t know. I can’t believe in what I don’t know will happen. It’d be nice though. Hopefully as something that doesn’t suck, like a male black widow spider, or a human living in poverty and high danger in a third world country.

  5. Some do. I, however, do not. Reincarnation is just another silly life after death concept for the delusional to believe..

  6. “Do athiests believe in reincarnation?”
    Most do not, but there is nothing in particular about lack of belief in a deity that specifically says an atheist can’t. (I do not, myself.)
    “So they think this life is all we have and you die then thats it. Kinda depressing.”
    If you die and cease to exist, you’re not going to feel depressed. You’re not going to feel anything. That’s not a ‘bad’ thing. It’s the most neutral thing I can think of!
    I’m looking forward to it in some sense (though I’m not done living), as a type of ‘rest forever’.
    Finally, wishful thinking doesn’t change it.

  7. atheism is the lack of belief in a god or supreme bieng(s) or creator(s).
    typically most atheists arrive at this point logically based on the fact that there is no evidence of any such fairy tales-
    same could be said of reincarnation in the manner YOU are imagining.
    HOWEVER- human cloning, might in the future be a viable form of “reincarnation” but its not what you are really getting at,
    so no, i don’t buy into the reincarnation as there is zero evidence to support it, however, it is conceivable that in the future a person can be cloned as a form of reincarnation and the electrical impulses of thier memory can be implanted on the clone. or the clone brainwashed into bieng the original.
    while none of those things are viable today- it is conceivable that one day it could be technologically possible- not reincarnation in teh traditional sense, but it is arguably a form of it nonetheless.
    and why is not living forever so depressing?
    would you rather live for 80 years and sit on your ass in a boring life just “existing” rather than truly be alive and have a family and children or travel the world and expreience life.
    its not how long you live, but what you do with the time you have.
    also- your children, are arguably a reincarnation of you so that you live on through your offspring in a philisophical sense- again, not what you mean.

  8. Do all theists like the color blue?
    Firstly. Its possible to be an atheist and believe in an afterlife or not.
    Secondly. Its possible to be an atheist and believe in reincarnation or not.

  9. I’m atheist and I personally wouldn’t want anthing to happen after I die. I don’t like religion and I don’t like the sound of God, and re-incarnation freaks me out, I think this is the least likely scenario for after death. I like nothing happening, although if there is a God I’ll definatley go to hell, better that than heaven I s’posse.

  10. I do not believe in ANYTHING. That is what makes me an atheist. There is a philosophical question that most, including myself, find interesting. The question arises from the notion of “self”. I have spent my life looking through a set of eyes (my own), and not through the eyes of anyone else. Based on that, am I all that exists? Is everyone and everything else a construct of my own being? When I die, does existence cease? The answer I have for that last one is “probably not”.
    Reincarnation is an easy answer to the above questions, just as god is an easy answer to so many others.

  11. “So they think this life is all we have and you die then thats it. Kinda depressing.”
    Why’s that depressing? What I find more depressing is the idea that we persist forever. In that case, nothing we ever create will have any standing meaning, as it will all fade away long before we do. It’s the brevity of life that makes things feel new and exciting.
    Even if it *is* depressing, so what? The universe doesn’t exactly owe us a batch of warm fuzzies. I find it depressing I can’t do magic, but that’s just the way the world is. No sense getting all sad about it.
    But to answer the main question, I’ve got no real reason to suppose reincarnation actually happens, so I’m not about to assume that it does. It might. Only one way for me to find out, I suppose.

  12. Many Buddhists would consider themselves atheists (the Buddha was just some guy you know) and many of them believe in it. It doesn’t have to be to do with religion – maybe it’s just the way life works, like caterpillars turning into butterflies (though obviously not much like that!
    Personally I’ll settle for one life. Since reincarnated people (if they exist) don’t usually know thats what they are they don’t to me seem really connected to their past. So what’s the connection. Maybe I’ve lived hundreds of times before but if I don’t know it I can’t see how it’ll make any difference.
    And if one life is kinda depressing imagine coming back a few million times could be worse. Statistically most of them will be short nasty lives – the way they are for poor people who are the majority of the world’s population. When you’ve been abused a few thousand times, tortured to death in a few thousand more, been raped and murdered more times than you can imagine ….
    If there’s a choice I settle for just the one and if I die tomorrow, well so be it – I’ll have no complaints.

  13. Getting pissed off about the inevitability of death is like getting mad at the sun, you can hop up and down and wave your fists all you like, it will shine on regardless until it runs out of fuel and dies!


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