Home Discussion Forum do atheists think there is such a thing as a chakra?

do atheists think there is such a thing as a chakra?


  1. A chakra is part of the Hindu system of the interconnectedness of pressure points in the body that correspond with the dynamic of internal organs and their relationship with emotional residue and spiritual conditions. (The crown chakra, heart chakra, base chakra, etc)…
    I’m guessing an atheist would not believe in the concept of chakra because of the spiritual/mystical aspect of the chakra.

  2. As with anything show us the proof we are not dismissing anything that has scientific validity so convince us with data that can be reproduced to prove any belief system and we will look at the evidence and go from there !

  3. You mean Prana, stop watching Naruto and read a book.
    Also, why shouldn’t one, if it is an experiencable phenomena, unlike God why deny it?

  4. you mean “samay chakra”….? ( wheel of time)
    no i don’t think atheists believe….they just believe in change….and that escalates not rotates…..


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