Home Discussion Forum Do atheists have a picture of Anton Lavey in their bedrooms?

Do atheists have a picture of Anton Lavey in their bedrooms?


  1. Why would they? He was a Satanist, not an Athiest. That’s like asking if Christians have a picture of George Jetson in their bathroom…

  2. I have a copy of the satanic bible and satanic rituals. I think one of them has a picture on the back. Does that count?

  3. No, perhaps satanists do, but those are a whole different group of people. Atheists don’t believe in the existance of Satan, or God

  4. actually i think the stanist movement is actually just an offshoot of the christian religion. They basically share the same mythos its just a degree of which mythological figure they choose to worship. and they are of course much different than say buddhists or hindus

  5. Why would they? Anton LaVey founded LaVeyan Satanism, which is a religion even if it doesn’t have a deity. Or did you think LaVeyan Satanism involves devil-worship?
    LaVeyan Satanism is self-worship that involves the fulfillment of one’s own desires while respecting the rights of others. It also involves self-actualization and finding purpose.
    They have nothing to do with Christianity. They do not even believe in Satan, much less worship him.

  6. Another bloody idiot who thinks if you don’t believe in god you must be a devil worshiper. Obviously we don’t believe in either you geek.

  7. LOL. You know what? I actually do! Its not in my bedroom – its in my study. And it is a painting by Strephon, a famous (in California) artist that does pictures regarding modern American society…. It is a painting of him with a snke around his neck and a demon dog chained to his ankles…I like it, so I bought it…. And, truth be told, the tenents of Satanism (NOT the worship of Satan, for you worons out there) actually makes more sense than most other systems of thought….(although Im atheist)
    Im wondering – how many Christians have pictures of Mary and Jesus in their house, against God’s command to worship none other than Him??

  8. Anton Lavey is the father of Satanism… His visage has nothing to do with atheism. Do you have a picture of Zoroaster in your bedroom?

  9. No, why would they? Atheists have NO religion. Lavey was a Satanist. Thereby Lavey was a religious person.
    Seriously, why do people keep asking such obviously stupid questions?
    Atheists HAVE NO RELIGION. At all. Including Satanism. Grow a brain in that skull somewhere.


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