1. What, you mean like the 3 seconds after waking up where you are completely disorientated and can’t differentiate between reality and dream?
    Yeah, I think some people live their entire lives like that.

  2. if they do drugs.
    Oh went half crazy when in one week of summer can i got a whopping 4 hours of sleep and spent all day in the sun highly active. Hallucinations where the only thin moving at normal speed ever thin else was super fast it was caused by intense exhaustion

  3. No. Well to be precise, possibly, but we are not likely to attribute them to the supernatural without examining the evidence first.

  4. Abnormal (like near death experiences) yes, but supernatural no. It’s not uncommon to label something as being supernatural when one doesn’t understand it, and abnormal things are usually hard to understand, but that doesn’t mean they’re supernatural in any way.

  5. If sleep paralysis is considered an abnormal state of consciousness then yeah (sleep paralysis occurs when the brain awakes from a REM state, but the body paralysis persists. This leaves the person fully conscious, but unable to move. The state may be accompanied by terrifying hallucinations (hypnopompic or hypnagogic) and an acute sense of danger.)
    Not sure if that counts though.


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