Do atheists consider our consciousness to be material or immaterial?

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if its material but science can”t measure or test its existence…why do you accept it as real…verse God not being real…if it conceptual…still how is it existence real verse God not being real based on the same rationale…

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★Dusty Dimonds★


Laptop Jesus 3.9

You can measure it’s effects with an EKG machine, for starters…

Smooth Kitty

Interplay of electric impulses
It IS measurable


You cannot go from consciousness to God like that.
You cannot assume that since we can’t “measure” consciousness, God exists. That makes no sense whatsoever.

Samuel L. Jackson

material, thats why LSD works and prayer doesnt

Terry W

Consciousness is the self observing software of the brain.


consciousness is inmaterial but not spiritual and you do not need faith to prove to yourself it’s existence

Reborn Atheist!

What are you talking about that science can’t measure or test its existence? Talk to Sam Harris about that. You’re way off.


Chemical reactions in the brain are measurable. That is all it is, you just describe what you perceive it as consciousness.


it’s material. a function of brain chemistry. If it was immaterial comas would not exist.


material duh
its a brain function
You know, that thing in your head


Brian activity is measurable…

Mr. Peter

Well actually science does have a very extensive knowledge of the human brain. The brain is very complex but basically anything you do or think is connected to it in some way. If damage is done to your brain than damage is done to your mind, they are one and the same thing.


Dualism (a form of pluralism) in philosophy and science primarily refers to matters of mind and consciousness, deriving from the subtly different forms of dualism described by Plato and Aristotle, sharply refined by Rene Descartes’ substance dualism of the seventeenth century. Dualism affirms that for any particular domain there are two categories of causation derived from two fundamental principles [i.e., “The mind-body” problem].
The question dualism addresses in the realm of philosophy of science has to do with the apparent comprehensibility of the world, and whether there are in fact two classes of phenomena – material and immaterial. While a strict materialism or physicalism would consider mind/consciousness to be an epiphenomenon of matter and its complex processes [Matter causes Mind], a substance dualism rejects the reduction of all things to deterministic atomic processes, instead asserting that immaterial Mind determines the reality of things according to its ability to comprehend things [Mind causes Matter].
These two distinct schools of scientific philosophy are reflected in the different approaches to quantification of consciousness, as classical/materialist (a.k.a. “Emergent”) phenomenon of complex matter/energy field interactions, or as observer-determined measurements of quantum level superpositional states. British mathematical physicist Sir Roger Penrose offers a modification of the quantum level interpretation through his “Orchestrated Objective Reduction” theory [Orch-OR], postulating that reality itself causes reduction of wavefunction in the broad milieu by collapsing a space-time superposition that reaches Planck level intensity by the action of quantum gravity. This model allows for a “habit” of matter to recreate itself in the following instant of time (measured at Planck level, instanton – a distance unit) what it was in the previous instant of time/position in space [see: Space-Time, Collapse of Wavefunction].
In theology, Dualism refers to two eternally opposed and coexisting principles, usually described as good and evil, light and darkness, yin and yang, or some other pair of conflicting principles.


You have a strange vision of the world that just doesn’t mesh with reality. Consciousness is detectable by very material and physical means. God is not. You are not doing yourself any favors with this argument.


Science can measure it. We can see track chemical/electrical activity happening in the brain, which is all consciousness is.

Mikey, just Mikey

What you seem to be saying is that if consciousness is real but unmeasurable, then god must also be real. By that same logic, therefore, the Easter Bunny, poltergeists, leprechauns, pookas, dybbuks, Santa, Thor, and all the other imaginary stuff is just as real as your god.
And it’s “versus,” not “verse.”


it’s more than conceptual. it’s measurable and observable.

alan h

Measuring effects is not the same as measuring objectively.
Have a star


Since the presence or absence of brain function absolutely can be detected in a number of ways, I’d have to refute your base assumption.


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