do atheists believe in the possibility of higher consciousness?

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I don’t.
….Unless you’re high.

Rose AM - VT

May be some do. After all, atheism only entails non-belief in god. If they believe in ghosts or astrology or what not, it doesn’t matter. They are still atheist.

The Many Shades of Grey

Personally I don’t – brain gives rise to mind, brain dies, mind ends. But I’m sure other atheists believe differently – we’re not a club or organisation.


sure, I do not believe in god, but I also won’t discount the possibility that there is something more to life. I’m just a doubter. I doubt everything.

Don't Hassle the Hoff!

Atheists do not believe in gods or masters/overlords. However, an atheist can believe in Buddhism which acknowledges a life force. You can elevate yourself to resonate at a higher frequency which will allow you broaden you own sense of consciousness.
But divinities…no.


yes.SUBJECTIVELY,I have had experiences that make me believe so.OBJECTIVELY,I cannot prove I wasn’t simply hallucinating,though I am NOT prone to hallucinations,nor do I drink or do any drugs.It is quite REAL to me,but I cannot prove it real to others,so I don’t “harp”on what may be simply a subjective experience


Shouldn't reactionary Christians be fighting for scientific acceptance of telepathy, not creationism?

After all, that's how God supposedly contacts people. Nice to see you, too, NCWJ! 😛

Can brothers and sisters have telepathy?

My brother and I think about the exact same thing at the same time. It happens at least once a day.

Is a cracked crystal pyramid considered inauspicious?

I was asked to do affirmations with a rose quartz pyramid as it gives harmony to relationships, so i bought it 3 days back...

Chakra Pooja?

Dose anybody knows about the 'Chakara Pooja'? Why it is performed? Who can perform?
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