Home Discussion Forum do atheists believe in the possibility of higher consciousness?

do atheists believe in the possibility of higher consciousness?


  1. May be some do. After all, atheism only entails non-belief in god. If they believe in ghosts or astrology or what not, it doesn’t matter. They are still atheist.

  2. Personally I don’t – brain gives rise to mind, brain dies, mind ends. But I’m sure other atheists believe differently – we’re not a club or organisation.

  3. sure, I do not believe in god, but I also won’t discount the possibility that there is something more to life. I’m just a doubter. I doubt everything.

  4. Atheists do not believe in gods or masters/overlords. However, an atheist can believe in Buddhism which acknowledges a life force. You can elevate yourself to resonate at a higher frequency which will allow you broaden you own sense of consciousness.
    But divinities…no.

  5. yes.SUBJECTIVELY,I have had experiences that make me believe so.OBJECTIVELY,I cannot prove I wasn’t simply hallucinating,though I am NOT prone to hallucinations,nor do I drink or do any drugs.It is quite REAL to me,but I cannot prove it real to others,so I don’t “harp”on what may be simply a subjective experience


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